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He’s off to see the wizard


The press gallery is informed that Jack Layton will be stopping by Langevin Block at 2:50pm today to have his picture taken on his way to meeting with the Prime Minister.

A press conference will follow at 4pm in the National Press Theatre.


He’s off to see the wizard

  1. Presumably the Liberals don't have the courage…

    So does Layton lack a heart or a brain?

    • Iggy: "There's no place like home. There's no place like home!"

      • You and your little dog too.

    • Jack Layton is clearly Dorothy

      As I recall, the Wizard was all flash and no substance….

      • Sounds like Harper and his photo ops.

  2. That's a straw-man argument.

    • <insert witty tin ear joke I can't come up with here>

  3. Hmmm .. I wonder .. I guess it's time to start checking the dance cards for the upcoming fall dance – Stevie boy thinking to himself(who is the cheapest date – Iggy maybe but on the other hand Jackie doesn't step on my shoes and Gillie well he's too short – let me see hmmm)

  4. Mybe, Ignatieff, severed ties with the grand lib/con coalition? finally…

    • Maybe….but I can't see Dippers accepting anything short of cabinet seats in a LibDipper coalition, for their support!

  5. What ever has possessed the Prime Minister!
    Taking to leaders of the opposition, gawd!

    • True, Jack has that golden touch, ask Martin… ask Dion.

  6. Well, if nothing else – Jack will get some attention that he loves. He'll have that Jack smirk and butter won't melt in my mouth face and Harper will make a deal with him.

    The Blue/Orange Coalition – that must be the coalition Harper's been talking about.

    • Blue and Orange don't go together!

      Anyone who has watched the Mets this year would know that.

  7. My guess is that Jacko will come out and stand at his press conference, look at the assembled press person, put on a long face and bemoan the fact that Harper won't bend to his will. Then Mr. Scrubbing Bubbles will get fired up and say that HE won't vote to support the government. It is the only way he can be seen to be relevant.

  8. Isn't this what people were complaining about…..Harper doesnt have conversations with the other notaleaders.

    Will he and Jack be wearing matching sweaters?

  9. Well, Jack's been wearing a Tory blue shirt all summer and John Baird frequently wears and orange tie.

  10. Layton's just picking up the seal meat he begged Harper to bring home for him.