‘Hi, I’m James Bezan and this is Woody, my horse’


The Winnipeg Press Fress reports that the Conservatives will soon be sending out video versions of their highly acclaimed political flyers, the first one featuring noted non-partisan and reluctant senator Mike Duffy. But, notes the Free Press, Conservative MP James Bezan is way ahead of the technological curve, having already set-up his own YouTube channel.

Bezan, the Conservative MP from Selkirk-Interlake, has launched his own YouTube channel and has three episodes so far.

The introductory video comes complete with Bezan riding up on his horse, Woody, and has him delivering an afternoon-nap inducing statistical profile of his riding.

That video is at least twice as entertaining as described. Better still might be Bezan’s Blair Witch-inspired look at Harrington Lake. That bold step forward for Canadian cinema after the jump.


‘Hi, I’m James Bezan and this is Woody, my horse’

  1. Merry Christmas Mr. Feschuk!

  2. Somebody needs to get that dreamboat into a wetsuit!

  3. So, are taxpayers on the hook for the care and feeding of these Harper groupies?

    • Yes, to the tune of 150,000 for MPs, and much more for such specimens of intelligent thought as Helena Guergis, Jason Kenney, and of course, the man who inspires a new generation of epithets, Pierre Polievre.

  4. Yes but those would be good taxes.

  5. Look how out of breath he is after getting off that horse. That is an unhealthy man.

    • That Horse probably has more brains that James Bezan

  6. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

  7. FAIL

  8. HELLO !!!!!!!!1