Updated: Hillary moves to end it; Hillary ends it.


… and to thunderous roars, casts New York’s votes

“with appreciation for the spirit and dedication of all who are here

“…in the spirit of unity…

…with the goal of victory…

Let’s declare in one voice right now that Barack Obama is our candidate and he will be our president…”

She moves to suspend the roll call vote…

and to select Obama by acclamation as the nominee.

My eardrums are about to pop…

With two-thirds of the votes in the affirmative, the motion is passed, the voting is suspended.

Obama is officially the nominee.

The band is playing “people of the world, join hands, start dancing…” and they are.


Updated: Hillary moves to end it; Hillary ends it.

  1. Somebody get Luiza a blackberry so she can just drop in a single post and liveblog/update like Kady does. :)

  2. The people who wrote the “people of the world, join hands” song, and “Celebration”, must have some sort of rights-in-perpetuity agreement with the Democratic party.

    And it seems loud even via TV, with BBC World people broadcasting via their little orange-coloured headset mics…

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