Home news: Beijing edition


A quick reminder that two of our finest writers, Jonathan Gatehouse and Ken MacQueen, are blogging from Beijing during the current prominent sporting festival. It’s the gold, silver and bronze of inspired on-the-scenes coverage! It’s Olympariffic! Go look.

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Home news: Beijing edition

  1. Am I the only one who dreads this circus every four years (every two now that the summer / winter are staggered)? It’s inescapable. There is nowhere to hide.

    We all know the costs in money and many other measures are huge, but where is the benefit? Two weeks of heightened nationalism and people marching with flags? Facilities left behind to train and perpetuate the next crop? Millions of dollars of taxpayer money in dozens of countries flushed down the tubes to develop a tiny elite, which in the case of Canada, struggle to win even a handful of medals. (It’s a rebuilding year.) Why am I coerced to fund someone else’s dream (and the cloud of bureaucrats around them)? And I don’t care if it is only ‘x’ cents / year / Canadian.

    Spleen vented.

  2. Dear Cynical Bastards:

    Get over it. There are a lot of just excellent moments during the hours of tedium. Look for them.

    It helps if you know or know of an athlete who is there competing. You just want them to do well.

    Just watch again the Canada/China Womens soccer. Look at the intensity. Look for it again.

    It’s only three wekks every three years!

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