Hope, change and Rick Dykstra


The Conservative MP takes to Twitter to protest Ralph Goodale coming into his hood.

RickDykstraRalph Goodale visits St. Catharines! what a treat to have him come and be Mr Negative in person. Of course he spoke about cooperation

RickDykstraFunny thing about Ralphy boy showing up, he didn’t think to give me a call so we could talk about this falls legislative agenda.

RickDykstraRalph preaches cooperation and practices division. Let u in on a secret Ralphy, St. Cath has moved on from ur politics of division


Hope, change and Rick Dykstra

  1. Classy guy, that Dykstra. A real way with word.

  2. Ralphy Boy?

    What an ass.

  3. Conservative MP Stephen Harper called Larry Bagnell and Dennis Bevington before his three-territory grand tour, right, Rick?



  4. As if a mere Con MP is the person to talk to about the fall legislative agenda. He does flatter himself, or is he just deluded.
    All that a Con MP needs is some water, plenty of sunlight and the hability to bark/frown/nod/slander/lie upon PMO command.
    My plants have more spine.

  5. Is it pronounced DICK-stra or DYKE-stra?

  6. And people wonder why Harper likes to run a one man show.

  7. and what is "smart casual"? I'v never really seen it and my suspicion is that it probably costs about 2 grand. Or is it gym clothes?

    Thanks goodness twitter was invented so that we could be privy to Rick Dykstra's most profound thoughts. The wheel appears to be spinning, but the hamster is almost certainly dead.

    • Perhaps Canada could leverage its recent facebook success and propose restricting access to Twitter to those with active hamsters.

  8. Liberals like to come down to St. Catharines and talk the city down to score points about manufacturing. It's not the first time, nor will it be the last.

    I don't think anyone here has ever expressed anything particularly profound on Twitter, either.

    • What would you suggest? Being in the centre of the universe must grant you a unique insight, after all. Can you point the way to a singular rabbit hole down which to fall?

  9. Well, Rickie-boy, you don't get to set the agenda or talk about it – Harper does, so salute when Harper walks in the rooom.

    What a childish bunch of crap.

    Oh, and Rick-boy – you don't decide who gets to visit St. Catherines – you only fill a seat in the HofC – to take orders from Captain Harper.

  10. I'll take Dykstra over commenters here who can't even spell St. Catharines correctly.

    • How do you feel about Iqaluit?

      • Okay, I'm a Conservative, and even I have to admit Jenn has thrown a good zinger here!
        That's always the problem with nitpicking about someone else's grammar: eventually you hit the wrong key, too.

      • I made a typo. I'm not a "team" of communications people. I think it's up to the Innuit to decide how they feel about Iqaluit.

        ……moving on……….

  11. this falls legislative agenda

    Syntax error. I think he meant false.

  12. I am spending my afternoon being embarrassed for Rick, since he probably doesn't have the good sense to do so for himself.

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