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Hope for sale


Bruce Anderson considers Michael Ignatieff’s appeal.

Selling hope, on the other hand, almost always means playing to a bigger market. In bad times or good, people want to believe things can get better, and would like to believe their political leaders can help.


Hope for sale

  1. Hope for sale! 50% off. No refunds. Contents may not be exactly as advertised.

    • He he he. Nice.

  2. And, it's time for a change.

  3. I attach (again) a link to a great CBC interview from April 19th. (Ignatieff was hawking his book starting 8 min in.)

    The thing I have noticed about Ignatieff is that if you actually listen carefully he is very honest about where he is going. You can agree or disagree with his directions and ambitions. You can bitch that he is nuanced and is only belatedly learning soundbite communications, but he is honest. (don't miss the moral compass thing)

    The plan for coming election starts at the 30 minute mark… by the way the Joe Clarke said the same thing on the replay with George S.


    As a bonus for Conservatives, listen for the line about "yet to hear a single Canadian" say they want an election. (I think Harper might be in retrouble for plagarism.)