How bout now? -

How bout now?


The NDP and Liberals respond to the government’s new schedule.

After hearing the news, the NDP argued that the House of Commons should resume sitting immediately. “Instead of playing silly games, the PM should recall Parliament right away to deal with all the important issues facing Canadians,” said Karl Belanger, spokesperson for NDP Leader Jack Layton.


How bout now?

  1. Oh, Stephen Harper, you masterful strategist, you!

    Perhaps, next he'll go to the NDP and Liberal caucuses and take questions, on live TV.

  2. An obvious response to this nonsense from the Chessmaster-in-Chief.

  3. Oh, please don’t tell me they didn’t see this coming.

    • They didn't see it coming.;

      and this censure motion……..the government will make it a vote of confidence.

      PMSH can do that, because the Opps haven't got that power on the 'we will restrict the PMs power to…' yet.

      • The GG doesn't have to grant him an election. For a PM to put the GG in such a position would be contemptable.

  4. Is Harper playing chess with checker pieces?

    • No, he is playing checkers with chess pieces, totally different.

  5. Just a thought, instead of a one line article and a meaningless quote out of context, you try writing an entire article. It would be nice to be informed instead of teased with information. I often find the insights of your writers to be quite interesting but this form of reporting lacks… reporting?

    • This is a blog. Not an article. You cannot expect one from the other.

    • What you get is what you pay for, Chris.

      • True that Anon, but Macleans gets paid every time I visit the page to check the comments, how fortunate they can make money out of nothing… I used to pay for a subscription but after they updated the online content, and a great job they have done, it makes the magazine redundant not to mention a waste of paper. Why would I pay for content that is weeks old and readily available for free?

        • To line your cage with?

  6. I like blogs, they contain opinions, interesting facts, some sort of dialogue. What exactly does this one liner and a copy and pasted quote have to do with blogging?

    • New to the blogosophere, are we?

      • New? Hardly. But I contend this isn't blogging….

        • When it regards CON bluster and bumbling, the material writes itself…

        • Okay. Fine. Now what?

        • Oh, you were serious? Well, a lot of blogs just link to other blogs, offering a few sentences of commentary and an excerpt. Matthew Yglesias is a good example, and if that's not blogging then I don't know what blogging is.

  7. Don't feel bad, Aaron really isn't even a political reporter anyways. He's more in his depth when he's writing about Avril Lavigne. Only then does he earn his 45k a year.

  8. so I see not many have thought out what harper is proposing. ask yourself where are most of the MP's right now – if they are where they should be – they are in their ridings working with their constituents and if for some reason they are hanging around Ottawa with the doors shut on the House .. well .. a few less days geasing the ol machine .. and if the spring breaks are removed even less days .. and folks make no mistake about it – all MP's will need to to keep their constituents and their respective bases very happy come Mar 3 and thereafter – ROFL! – strange how hyper partisans won't see it though .. keep up the good work guys and gals!

    • helene guergis, an ON MP and Minister of State for women, was in Regina yesterday, attending luncheons and other silly fluff.

    • Oh, I suspect they will be doing what they do during a regular session. You know, taking that late Thursday or early Friday flight back to their constituencies so they can be there on the weekend, meeting with constituents and attending public events.

  9. It doesn't matter so much if the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc will agree or disagree with Harper's proposed schedule. It will matter how and why they agree or disagree. If the opposition parties choose to disagree with Harper's proposed schedule, they will need to show passion while they explain that Harper prorogued parliament so that he could have extra time to prepare a Speech from the Throne and propose a budget. Harper could have done this in a few days. He want MPs to sit during the March break just so they can fix Harper's prorogation mess. He can clean it up himself.

    By the way, how come when the Brits have elections and change governments, it only takes a few days to change governments? Harper needs two and a half months to prepare a budget. There is no change in government.

  10. C'mon, we all know that MP's have staff that handle constituency work. The work MP's do is fundraising and attending social events to look good.