How much money will McCain raise in Calgary?


A reader sends a link to this story in Friday’s Globe & Mail about plans for a Republican fundraiser. I knew there were lots of US ex-pats in Calgary, but 80,000 is more than I would have guessed.

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How much money will McCain raise in Calgary?

  1. But with the exchange rate what it is, it’s about $3.49 U.S.

  2. The fundraiser also includes opportunities for non US citizens to contribute to the Friends of Science, the controversial climate-change denial group based in Calgary, in lieu of the Brownback PAC. The PR and UofC linked organization is being investigated by Elections Canada and Revenue Canada for its role in possibly illegal advertising in the 2006 election in Western Ontario, among other charges.

    More has been written here, with links to source documents: http://is.gd/1l80

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