How to read tomorrow's rosy US jobs numbers -

How to read tomorrow’s rosy US jobs numbers


…With an important caveat also known as the hiring of 400,000 temporary Census workers, notes Calculated Risk.

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How to read tomorrow’s rosy US jobs numbers

  1. Good point. Simple solution: what would the numbers look like WITHOUT 400,000 temporary public-sector jobs in Census employment?

    And another question: Why in blazes does it take 400,000 people to count 300,000,000 people?

    • They are not just counting, some who are employed there also have to track down the missing Census forms. They first call homes that have not returned the forms to remind them to return them. If that doesn't work people come to your home to either pick up the completed form or even ask you the questions at your door to make sure that everyone complete the census.

      • OK, but more than one worker per thousand to be counted still strikes me as extravagant. No?

        Why, if ever there was a situation of full employment, they'd have to call off the census, or risk having the most undesirable and unemployable people lined up for the task. Or disrupt the market of able-bodied and able-minded workers by siphoning so many off at once.