How to write a Thank You note -

How to write a Thank You note


It’s Friday — time for something non-depressing and non-oil spill or G-20 related.

On June 28, the US Senate will begin confirmation hearings for Obama’s second nominee to the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan. As reporters have been sifting through the paper trail,  they came across this thank you note she wrote to Bill Clinton after he nominated her to an appellate court judgeship. (She didn’t get it.)

I’m a fan of the hand-written thank you note. Whatever you think of Kagan, I thought hers was lovely. (I found this at Above the Law via a link from Corporette, which outs me as a person who visits a website that runs polls such vexing issues as whether women should wear their shirt collars inside or outside their lapels. Sorry.)

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How to write a Thank You note

  1. corporette is a fabulous site. no need for apologies. it provides what all the ladies mags don't: real advice for real working women.

  2. A fawning thank-you note. Just the sort of thing you want to see in an independent judge.

    A failed appelate-judge applicant. Just the sort of person you want to have on the US Supreme Court.

    • To be fair, she didn't become an appellate court judge because Orrin Hatch didn't even schedule a hearing on her nomination. Her nomination then lapsed, without ever going before the Judiciary Committee, when Clinton's term as President ended.

  3. Did it ever occur to you that a man-hating antigoyim censorious crypto-lesbian Marxist Supreme Court nominee with zero bench experience coming from an ethnic group already over-represented on the Supreme Court might be somewhat depressing to some folks, even moreso than the G-20?

    • Good thing Mr. Obama isn't appointing such a person, then!

    • You know, William Rehnquist had zero bench experience when he became a Supreme Court Justice. Same with Earl Warren.

      Just sayin'.

      • Yeah, but was either a crypto-lesbian Marxist?