How’s “reconciliation” with the Taliban working out?


Burhanuddin Rabbani, former Afghan president and chair of the body tasked with making peace with the Taliban, has been assassinated

Two Taliban commanders came to meet with Rabbani, reportedly bearing a “special message” for him from the Taliban. As one embraced Rabbani, he detonated a bomb hidden in his turban, killing them both and wounding Masoom Stanakzai, a senior advisor to Rabbani.

The fact that Stephen Lewis, among others, says negotiating with the Taliban is now “conventional wisdom” doesn’t make the tactic any less absurd.

More reasons why reconciliation won’t work here.


How’s “reconciliation” with the Taliban working out?

  1. We should neither be talking with, nor attempting to reconcile with the Taliban.

    We started out by calling them ‘scumbags’ after all….and since we lost we have no ground to stand on.

    Just leave.

    • We (and by we I mean Reagan and Jimmy Baker & the CIA) started out by giving them the money to take over Afghanistan in the first place.  Since “we” created the mess the Afghanis now find themselves, we probably owe them something.  I’m just not sure what.

      • I agree….however at this point I’m sure they’d just be happy if we stopped meddling in their affairs.

        • Deal. As long as they know that if they meddle in our affairs again (like by flying our planes into our buildings killing our people) we’ll be back – and without the facade of “nation building.” 

          • Then don’t confuse the time line.  We have interfered in the ME for a century, so 911 was their first strike-back.

          • If you read my comment, you’d see that wasn’t my point. You said, “I’m sure they’d be happy if they stopped meddling in their affairs.” My point was – “Deal, if they no longer meddle in ours.” Assuming neither of us meddle in the other’s affairs from this point forward then we’re good. We can both leave the past there.

          • @non_partisan:disqus 

            Wishful thinking….we are still meddling in their affairs, so it’s not likely to end here.

  2. As much as I admire him, there is plenty that Stephen Lewis said in his hagiogrpahy that were quite absurd.

  3. Agree 100% that negotiating with the Taliban is absurd.   Every last thing I have read about them makes them to be nothing but merciless thugs that hide behind a fanatical religion so they can control by fear. 

    Glavin at the NP did a good take on the situation.

    “I certainly hope that the “troops out and peace talks” crowd are pleased with themselves following the assassination Tuesday of Burhanuddin Rabbani, the former Afghan president and the chairman of the Independent High Council for Peace. In Canada, we have been hectored and browbeaten and instructed to give all credit and praise for this racket to the late New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton, a man we have been told was prescient to the point of clairvoyance for being first out of the blocks to counsel the very course that has been unfolding in all its slaughterhouse glory these past two years in Afghanistan. Well, comrades, you want credit? Take it, by all means.”


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