I apologize if my graciousness offends


The Liberals sent Wayne Easter up yesterday to berate Jean-Pierre Blackburn for whatever it is that happened awhile back with the Veteran Affairs Minister and his tequila. The Conservatives permitted Mr. Blackburn to respond for himself. His two responses were as follows.

Mr. Speaker, I was at the airport a month ago. We had forgotten that there was a bottle of alcohol in our carry-on luggage. Of course, the bottle was confiscated by the security officials. I never asked for any preferential treatment whatsoever. I remained polite at the airport at all times. The security officials did their job and I respected their decision.

Mr. Speaker, I want to repeat that I did not ask for any preferential treatment whatsoever. I just would not do that. I repeat that I apologize to anyone I may have offended.


I apologize if my graciousness offends

  1. Helen's tantrum was worthy of scorn and inquiriries, this one seems pretty weak in comparison. The Liberals should have dropped it long ago.

    • And yet, here you are, reminding me of Helena's tantrum. Mission Accomplished.

      • What?

  2. Liberals, please. Let this go.

    Wasting time on issues like this makes you look like the opposition more than it makes you look like a government in waiting.

  3. Wayne Easter debases us all.

    • His maiden speech in the HoC was …… pristine. His participation in the political
      process since has been less so.

      • Heh. Sisyphus, you're a master of understatement.

    • He's actually a lovely person. You could be nicer, too.

      • But that whiny nasal Maritime accent is just so ….. well,.. rural .. and, like, defeatist .. eh?

    • Western Canadian grain farmers agree whole heartedly with that!
      We end up in jail for selling our grain outside the CWB monopoly,
      Eastern farmers…get advice.

      • I'm pretty sure they went to jail for not paying the fine. Just selling the wheat wasn't punishable by incarceration.

        • The farmers attempted to transport their wheat across the US border without Wheat Board Permission. They were thrown in jail for that.

  4. Sigh. It's cheap, and I would prefer the Libs let it go, but when you play in the same sandbox as Harper, maybe you gotta stoop to the tawdriness from time to time.
    Hey it's been working for Harper.

    • That's the problem right there, to deal with Harper means you have to stoop to his level, and it is rarely becoming for anyone to wallow in muck, no matter how successful Harper is. Mud is now the colour of success.

    • In other words, it's OK because the Conservatives do it too.

      You know, that argument doesn't tend to be too popular here when it's applied the other way.

      • Obviously. So your original apology of supporting the first practice of it is in the mail, right?

  5. It's just filler until this weekend, when all those thinker's come up with something else for Liberals to talk about.

    Oh but wait, Ann Coulter is in town,
    Liberals can always attack the Conservatives with something an American said!!
    Yah, that's the ticket…..

    • Or we can ignore Ann Coulter just like we ignore that other beacon of the right Sarah Palin.

    • Could someone teach this troll how to spell "yeah?"

  6. This isn't the right forum to ask, but what happened to the opposition's question of privilege that the Tories produce the Afghan detainee documents? Wasn't the speaker supposed to look into that? It was my understanding that it would take a day at most, at least based on what I had read.

    Yes, I know this isn't the place to ask, but I'm really curious. Do requests like these drag out for years, or are they decided in a day or two?

    • The only thing Peter Miliken will look into is an empty abyss of inaction and complacency.

      If he can let MPs fall this far down the rabbit-hole, behaviour-wise, what's to say he'll take anything else seriously? The fact he hasn't ejected anyone for breach of decorum yet (given Wherry's description of QP of late) is telling to say the least.

      This Parliament needs a new speaker who will actually enforce:

      1) Decorum (please, for the love of God)
      2) The will of Parliament.

      • Mike514, to answer your question… Derek Lee speculated that the Speaker may take a week to ten days to decide the matter. We may find out this week, it may be next week.

        In any event, I do not think the belief among most is that the Speaker may consider the matter for several months or longer.

    • Reports last week suggested his ruling would be early this week, after he'd had an opportunity to meet with the ministers in question and review "counsel and learned advice" or somesuch.

      Don't know how that process is going. When it happens, though, I'm banking it will be during a post-QP session of addressing points of order and privilege.

  7. It's highly unimpressive that Wherry even brought this up. I suppose implying that Backburn is Guergis-redux without basis is all good since Blackburn is a CPC MP, right Wherry?

    • It seems clear that parliamentary civility is at an all-time low. It's almost surreal that an MP would call for the resignation of his parliamentary colleague over something so trivial and banal.

      • Would a coup staged by those of us fed up with the uncivility constitute treason, at this point?

        • Only if you lose.

          • Looks like I'm playing risk while the government is playing boggle, then.

      • I don't think he called for Blackburn's resignation, did he?

        But he did claim that forgetting a bottle of tequila in your carry on luggage was "brazenly breaking airport safety regulations".

    • I have re-read what Mr. Wherry wrote several times and am unable to detect the implication you suggest. If anything, the post seems to reflect well on Mr. Blackburn.

      • Read Easter's comments at the link.

      • Read Easter's comments at the link.

        • Perhaps I misunderstood your original comment. I took it that you were referring to Wherry's comments, not Easter's. If I have misrepresented your point, my apologies.

  8. These odious, ill-tempered, ill-bred Conservatives need to be shamed</ii>…on an hourly basis if need be.

    It's the only way they'll learn, after all.

    • They've learned that their lack of shame and decency is plenty enough to stay in power. Aside from that, they won't learn anything that can't be used as an attack of some form or another.

      • to stay in power.

        …if you can call a minority government with 22% of the eligible vote "power."

        • I agree, their "power" is not a big stick, but they continue to use it effectively to bludgeon the truth and the opposition whenever they get a chance. It may not be much, but is is enough to cause lasting damage. Wish it weren't so, but that is our reality under Harper.

  9. Speaking of odious, ill-tempered, and ill-bred…the Liberals chose to send in WAYNE EASTER for this?!

    I'm from PEI, and I'm embarassed every time that man makes the news.

    • "I'm embarassed every time that man makes the news. "

      How many times does he make the news?

  10. I would have to disagree with those who argue that the Liberals or the rest of the opposition are required to debase themselves in order to keep up with the Conservatives. In any competitive situation, it is dangerous to play to your opponents strengths. Ignatieff's early attempts at raising the bar in question period yielded very limited results, but I would suggest the time has come to return to that strategy.

    • I'd be very happy to see a return to that approach, even though it is an approach that most likely will take quite some time to provide a return on the investment.

    • So while they're playing chess, the rest of us are playing Reversi?

    • "I would have to disagree with those who argue that the Liberals or the rest of the opposition are required to debase themselves in order to keep up with the Conservatives."

      This sniffy mannerism is a little played. The opposition has tried it every which way in the last four years. What is not uncivil is decried as aloof and elitist and, indeed, slightly effeminate.

      Maybe it's time for the Conservatives to adopt a new strategy. They're the ones holding the levers of power, after all.

  11. What a bunch of whiney babies on this board thus far. Harper is mean. The Libs need to play mean. No the Libs shouldn’t debase themselves. No lets all play dirty or maybe we shouldn’t.
    Come on people just listen to yourselves. The opposition is ineffective because they have no guts. They know that if they force an election they will lose and that means Iffy can return to his first love…bullsh.ting the elites of the world.
    They do not have the people on their side. They have some on this board full of the kool-aid but ordinary Canadians who vote want a decisive leader, one who takes charge and one who stands up to the bullying tactics of the informal coalition now operating in the House. The rest is white noise. So the wind-athon as Weston called it will take place this weekend. Iffy will be in his mellieux talking to other eggheads and the media will dutifully cover it and say we have the second coming but it will be forgotten and life will go on. Trouble with all of this is that Iffy has to go back into the House and face a strong leader who he cannot handle because of his inexperience.


    • Still no answer as to why the government is ineffectual, eh ed hominum? Instead of Keifer Sutherland and 24 hours, they play their role like Nick Nolte in 48 hours. With the same airport decorum.

  12. Mr Ignatieff has spoken about offering an alternative to the Conservatives – well…….. we're still waiting…..

    • It's beginning to feel like a Beckett play…I look inside my hat and see nothing.

    • The problem is, the Liberals keep coming up with alternatives to Tory policy, and then 48 hours later they need to come up with an alternative to the NEW Tory policy.

      • Da dum!

        He's here all week! Try the veal, no I mean the chicken…