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I bet Mr. Trower has a delightful accent

COSH: Questioning the latest “Cold War weapons expert” on the Wi-Fi in schools issue


Cold War weapons expert warns Wi-Fi could cause birth defects” cries the National Post, heralding Barrie Trower’s arrival unto the good microwave-fearing people of Simcoe County. Who is Barrie Trower, you ask?

Barrie Trower, who specialized in microwave “stealth” warfare during the Cold War, was to lecture at the University of Toronto on Tuesday night…

“When I realized these same frequencies and powers [as weapons during the Cold War] were being used as Wi-Fi in schools, I decided to come out of retirement and travel around the world free of charge and explain exactly what the problem is going to be in the future,” Mr. Trower told Postmedia News in an interview on Tuesday.

…“What you are doing in schools is transmitting at low levels,” said Mr. Trower, who teaches at Britain’s Dartmoor College and holds a degree in physics.

You will notice what’s very specifically not been said here, which is that Mr. Trower teaches physics at a university. Lest anyone should carelessly arrive at this impression, it ought to be said that what the Post calls “Dartmoor College” is South Dartmoor Community College, a state comprehensive school for children aged 11-18. They are doubtless lucky to have a “weapons expert” like Mr. Trower on staff (assuming he is on staff), although it is damned hard to be a military expert in anything for any length of time without inadvertently getting your name on any patents or peer-reviewed papers to speak of. Trower has said he worked for what he called the “Government Microwave Warfare Establishment”; it’s possible the Post judged this a strong claim after Googling “Government Microwave Warfare Establishment“, or just “Microwave Warfare Establishment“, and finding links to loads of pages related to Barrie Trower and not much else. Excellent work.

[UPDATE, 1:15 a.m. Eastern: the Post‘s original story has vanished from the Web, so you’ll have to visit the Vancouver Sun‘s site to read it.]


I bet Mr. Trower has a delightful accent

    • Wow.

      My favourite parts? Trower's eloquent and informative citation of a study done in India by "a professor" at "the university". Also, his references to the "BioInitiative Report". Initially, Trower says it represents the work of "two thousand" scientists, but to his credit, he immediately amends that to "several" in order not to mislead listeners (actual number of "scientists" involved in this "report"? Fourteen.). He then goes on to discuss in (what's the opposite of "excruciating detail"?) all of the important "research" contained in the report. They "cross-checked" research papers. They "read", "looked at", "argued" and "discussed" research papers. Then, they came to some conclusions. All (apparently) without ever having to do any primary research themselves. Amazing. You can read all about it online. Just pay $2 (U.S.) to access their website and you can download this important scientific paper ABSOLUTELY FREE!

      I'd bet the most amazing thing about all of that "research" is how much money somebody can make $2 at a time.

      • Snake oil salesmen always seem to make a living.

        • To be fair, I think it's entirely possible that Trower has been duped, not that he's the one trying to dupe people.

          • Elderly men have said a lot of strange things lately. Like Paul Hellyer or James D Watson.

            I think we should start taking age into account.

          • Unbelievably, Paul Hellyer was actually stranger when he was younger. One of the things that lost him the Liberal leadership in '68 was his reputation as a flake. But I'm rather fond of him, actually. He's done a pretty good job of being our version of Pat Buchanan.

      • Is it allowed to call someone here a fool? There is some trouble with the way Trower says some things, but so what? THe Bioinit. was put out as a compendium & summary of science lopped off from consideration by the killer orthodoxy, that is why it was undertaken. The bibliography could have been larger still. That is its main feature.

        Jenn, more reading, as prelude to grasping the monstrosity set upon us & the horrific co-optation of science, read the precendents throughout the last century, in Krimsky (dates est., '04), Science in the Private Interest, McGarrity & Wagner, Bending Science ('10), Michaels, Doubt is Their Product ('09).

        Look 'em up , Kitch, you, too.

        Trower errs in calling the Bioiniti. Report's sugg. limit reductins for public exposures a recommendation. It is not. It has even been revised downward by participants meeting last fall at a Norway conference.

        Never heard of the "electrohypersensitivity"? To late for those afflicted even the drastically reduced Bionit. suggestions.

        • EHS – double blind study pls.
          I've read some – not exactly ringing good news for EHS claims are they?

  1. Well, that and his first name, Barrie. And where is the City of Barrie? In Simcoe County! A little too convenient, like the actor in a comedy forced to come up with a name on the spur of the moment. Was there a trowel or a tower of some kind in the room as well? Hmmm?

    • Reading the link Emily provided, I would guess this sad guy is more of a true believer than a con man. People with technical knowledge also lose contact with reality.

      • My post was meant to be a joke, sorry. I didn't even see Emily's–we must have posted at the same time.

  2. On the other hand, Robin Trower used to have some useful things to say.
    Simple Sister and Whiskey Train.

  3. Quebec used to have Yvon Rocher, a delightful play-on-words alias of former journalist (oh yeah, and former FLQ nutso) Roger Thériault, who would present himself as some sort of expert in order to demonstrate how easy it is to get one's nonsense just-potentially-credible enough to get interviewed and quoted widely. One available weblink highlighting only a couple of his hijinks (and revealing a relative newcomer to the field): http://www.canoe.com/divertissement/tele-medias/n

  4. "This is a story about evidence, not authority — why not responsibly get into that?"

    Isn't this story a story (or rather, WAS a story, as it seems to have now gone POOF!) that contains no evidence, and relies heavily on someone with no authority?

    I worked for the CIA in the 1950s and 60s helping them to determine the differences between well-trained experts and people who didn't know what they were talking about but could tell a good story and I think I'm well qualified to say which side of that divide Mr. Trower is on.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for a lecture on the links between vaccination and autism by world famous pediatrics author Jenny McCarthy

  5. Photographs can't shave. Please resume your medication.

  6. Is it just that I can't find it anymore, or has the NP made this story disappear from history? Please tell me they didn't just make the story go "Poof!" with no hint of any explanation, correction and/or apology.

    I know this story existed, as I read it this afternoon (thinking initially from the headline, I wonder if this guy's any more credible than the other "experts" I've seen mentioned on this file… he wasn't).

    I'd like to think the NP would at least explain the disappearance to their readers, if it's not just my lack of searching skills that accounts for my inability to find it now. Speaking of which, has anyone found evidence of the existence of the "Government Microwave Warfare Establishment"? Much as I suspect was the case for Cosh, the only mention of it that I can find online are references to Barrie Trower claiming to have worked there about 50 years ago.

    (Also, Mr. Cosh, wrt to the tags on this post, shouldn't "Journalism" be in quotation marks?)

    • No Google cache, either.

      No text remnant buried in the source code of the current page, either.

      All we've got are Colby's 3 paragraphs. Double-plus-ungood hmmmmm….

      (almost instantaneous UPDATE) Bing has a cache: <A href="http://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=national+post+barrie+trower&d=67244225341451&mkt=en-CA&setlang=en-CA&w=13dfab7d,c160e0b6&quot; target=_blank&gt <a href="http://;http://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=national+post+ba…” target=”_blank”>;http://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=national+post+ba

      Get it while it's hot! the reporter is Glenn Johnson.

    • Colby also offers an update with a link to the Vancouver Sun website, but I would not expect that to last much longer, either. I have an inkling Postmedia will be scrubbing everywhere eventually.

    • So it never really happened! Yippie!

      Can they do this with elections? Take us back, say … 4 years?

    • I'd like to think the NP would at least explain the disappearance to their readers…

      We'll need to wait for Halloween, when (so I've been told) the NP's entire staff intend to dress up as (and impersonate) real journalists.

    • Hasn’t gone away and won’t be going away for a long time. So far no-one has produced a valid argument against Barrie’s assertions. Today’s broadcast:

  7. He can't get around, because to post all these crackpot messages while getting around, he would need to be using Wi-Fi.

  8. More on this now un-story:

    Other academics differ on whether prolonged exposure to the wireless technology is safe.
    Tony Muc, a University of Toronto physics professor, was consulted by the school board and told them that wireless poses no harm.
    But Mr. Trower's contention about health risks was echoed last week by Magda Havas, a professor in the Centre for Health Studies at Trent University in Peterborough, Ont. She said other forms of microwave exposure — particularly cellphone towers — have been linked to cancers, heart problems, sleeping problems, skin conditions and short-term memory loss.
    Children are also more likely to be vulnerable, due to weaker immune systems and because their bodies are still growing.
    “It is possible, and I think it is even probable, that this exposure will have an effect on children,” Ms. Havas said.

    • The plot thickens:
      University of Toronto: Physics Department page, People section, search on name "Muc"…
      You are here: Home → Physics Personnel Search
      Your search delivered no results.

      Aha. Here he is: http://www.phs.utoronto.ca/faculty_template_new.a
      Phew. An assistant professor. In Public Health. Oh well, at least they got the University right.

      • To be fair, they never said he was a professor in the Physics Department, they said he was a "physics professor", which could still arguably be true. Or not. Who can tell? Would it kill universities to make sure that a faculty member's bio page at least mentions where a professor went to school and WHAT THEY STUDIED? In the case of both Muc and Havas their bio pages leave open the possibility that they each worked diligently for years and years of study, leading eventually to a PhD… from the University of Phoenix… in English Literature.

        Of course, neither page lists a single piece of primary research done by either professor, or any really scientific publications at all since 2000 either.

        If you want to be taken seriously as a professor, let alone get quoted as an expert for a national news story, just don't list any publications at all on your site if this is what you're going to list. One ten year old lit review, but four articles in the Peterborough Examiner??? Two credits as an Editor for the collected Proceedings of a couple of WHO meetings? COME ON.

        Not that I begrudge them their positions, and I'm sure they're great at their jobs, but these are the people being cited in newspapers as experts? On either side?

        I hope the real problem is that they each need to find a 16 year old to help them update their websites.

          • I should clarify that, personally, I didn't mean so much to attack Muc's (nor Havas') credibility per se, so much as the effectiveness of their bio pages in PRESENTING that credibility.

            Now THAT said, I do also find it interesting (though not necessarily meaningful) that the particular Google Scholar info you're pointing to here doesn't seem to include a single academic piece written in the last ten years, and that none of the most reliably "academic" looking citations is from less than 25 years ago.

            I'm 34 years old, and fully a third of those 23 Google Scholar citations were written before I was born.

            (Again though, he could be entirely credible, it's just that the evidence at the end of that hyperlink doesn't scream "expert that I should listen to in matters that may or may not effect my health" to me).

          • Muc was a last min. sub. at HESA (see link i brought here already). When the bad guys heard who was lined up as truth-tellers, they pulled their big guns, like Krewski, Bushberg, Thanasadote (sp?), not willing to face the stellar line up. Notice that HC was under investigation & its Health (Danger) Code 6 — of 7 witnesses, only one from HC itself, rest industry hirelings/hacks! That tells this journalist & his onlookers nothing? Gevalt.

            So muc at hesa says, like, "i really don't know what i am dong here"…Canada is a corporate playground indeed, but it is a soft spot for defence of the indefensible. Not as easy for the bad guys to do as they do in the US, burn down houses of whistleblowers (eg Carlo, Blackman I heard as well).

            Did I say already that Muc's name is as partner to certain notorious Repacholi. More need not be said. See the deever's comment at http://www.cbc.ca/metromorning/2010/08/wifi-dange… eg.

            So is Cosh still going to stick to uninteresting who's who or what? Let's have some ral journalism, à la Paul Brodeur in the New Yorker in 1977, which led to his masterwork, The Zapping of America (something else to read for jenn…)

          • See the deever's comment…

            Out of nothing much more than idle curiosity, may I ask, are you the same "deever" and you're referring to yourself in the third person, or are you a different commenter who liked the name?

          • "idle" – that's what i thought, why i referred to that armchair

            of course i am he, who has found out too much about these issues to feel it moral to not speak out aloud

          • Today, we are all deevers.

          • "I worked for the CIA in the 1950s and 60s helping them to determine the differences between well-trained experts and people who didn't know what they were talking about but could tell a good story and I think I'm well qualified to say which side of that divide Mr. Trower is on."

            I've never commented here before; I typically appreciate your perspective…
            The above was YOUR quote, wasn't it?

            …am I missing something here…age-wise?

          • That was a joke actually. I didn't actually work for the CIA in the 50s and 60s, however, as one seems to only have to SAY that they work in a secret agency over 40 years ago for it to be taken as gospel, and one's credentials as an "expert" to be thus deemed unimpeachable by some, it was worth a shot.

      • Note to professors:

        If your bio page is only going to include 2 academic journal articles, neither published less than 9 years ago, and absolutely NOTHING WHATSOEVER that was published in the last 7 years, then don't include 4 articles that were published in your local newspaper in your official Bibliography. It makes it look like you're padding your CV.

        Again, Dr. Havas may be entirely credible, but if so, her faculty profile page REALLY needs to be updated, especially if she's going to agree to do interviews with newspaper reporters who are going to cite her as an expert.

        • Having been at a small university department for a few years now, I can attest to the fact that most profs, rightly or wrongly, pay little attention to their website bios. And the small departmental staff rarely have the time to upload new bios or articles (not that it couldn't or shouldn't be done, but the one or two full-time departmental workers are usually too frazzled from the day-to-day operations).

          But I take your point.

          • And I should say, also working in a university myself, I do totally understand that. Frankly, most of the time, it doesn't even matter much.

            HOWEVER, if one is going to present one's self as an expert, and agree to be interviewed by reporters,on a story that supposedly effects the health of our children (according to said "expert"), updating one's online bio beforehand would seem to be a wise course of action!

          • OK… you work in a university, but what department? Food service? Building maintenance? IT department?

            Very shady. Have you updated your bio before proceding to provide your expert critique of communications best practices for experts? Heh? What, what? I thought not. Nuf said.

  9. On a side note, after reading a few other comment pages devoted to this topic, any over/under guesses on how long until the first serious scientific discrediting of Trower's theories take place?

    (by "serious", of course, I mean immediate claims of the Subliminal Distraction theory)

  10. The planet's going to burn because Cosh didn't personally expose the B.S. nature of the Climategate "scandal"?!?!?!

    Mr. Cosh, I happen to take climate change quite seriously, and now that I know that you could have reversed it all with just a few hundred words, I have to say, I'm quite cross with you. I used to blame the cumulative effect of humanity's relentless pursuit of "progress" regardless of the costs for the phenomenon of climate change. Now I know better.

    You b@stard!

    • I'm not nearly as confused by that as I am by a self-proclaimed "lib" taunting somebody with long hair and a beard as a filthy hippie still dripping with the coliform-riddled muck of Max Yasgur's farm. Either the term "liberal" is not what it used to be, or "lib" is a reference to a lapsed Librium prescription.

      • The new thing in politics is to do like they do with hockey injuries in the playoffs; if you have a bum left knee, you of course say you have a bum right shoulder. Similarly, if you are a socialist, carrying a "Capitalism is dead, Long live socialism" banner adorned with hammer and sickle, say, adjacent to a G-20 meeting or some such, you claim to be an "anarchist", despite actually supporting a system with a strong government and lots of central planning and meetings and stifling debate and established science about race and gender and whatnot.

        If you like blowing up banks and stuff because you are a bored retired bureaucrat butthurt about Native land claims, the "anarchist" ruse works too. If you're Marc Emery, you can claim to have signed up "thousands" of members for the NDP, a hard left socialist-union labour party, and still be a libertarian!

        Ever read the Oxford Manfesto? The founding document of Liberal International, of which the LPC is a member, and on whose executive Bill Graham served while an MP? It's actually quite groovy, and I'm a conservative. They wrote an update to it recently which is decidedly less groovy, which just shows how far they have strayed from the path of liberalism.

        Isn't "tax and spend liberal" an oxymoron from the getgo? Taxing and spending by definition is illiberal, it reduces liberty both in taxation and in the hiring of busybody bureaucrats.

  11. So is this the first full fledged dream sequence on these boards?

  12. dccarno – Trower is directing you to find out for yourself. A good place to start is with your own Parliamentary hearings last Apr 27 & 29, incl. intl. scholars on the latter date. Listen/read Meetings 12 & 13 via http://www2.parl.gc.ca/CommitteeBusiness/Committe… .
    LKO – What counts is that this man has taken it upon himself to cry out about dangers. It does not take much expertise at all, just an ability to reasonably assess what is already available, if you only care to look. It is too bad but useful that personal references are trotted out that are neither clear, maybe irrelevant or inappropriate. But consider, Muc is mentioned here, someone who appears almost unpublished yet is authoritative to hapless reliers on the status quo.His counterpart in BC is a "Dr" Mary McBride, going around telling everyone wifi for kids etc is just fine, and she has permitted that erroneous title to precede her name for a very long time. Find out for yourself — you can even do it from your armchair!

    And those who've noticed the deever about on related stories at CBC, Globe (2x), Post (2X), and much elsewhere, read up, and I can answer your questions here when I check back next.

    Cosh — why not take this up? Would you be allowed to publish what you find?

  13. See, when you dismiss genuine authoritative experts as "Elitists", and replace scientific studies with "gut feelings", you end up with Deever.

    Seriously, is this really the way you Conservatives want to go?

    • wrong, jenn, you start,not end up, with deever
      "genuine", "authoritative"? "elitist'? "gut feeling"?
      what are you talking about?
      are you afraid to listen at the link provided?
      if you won't listen — you don't even have to read — what's the point of referring you to the enormous dissenting scientific record?
      but i'll dangle a few secondary refs. for you anyway (Cosh, Stinson & Thoms wouldn't debate me, will you?), filled with primary material for those who know better than to use those quoted words above so credulously,
      The Procrustean Approach (online, 2010, Don Maisch),
      Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette (online, 2001, Robert Kane)
      Bioinitiative Report (online, 2007, incl. summary and enormous bibliography)
      Disconnect (fall 2010, Devra Davis, who won't go far enough I expect, but should wisen at least jenn up to having been had by her "authorities"

      • Sorry, Deever, my comments about you weren't actually directed at you, so it's understandable you wouldn't know what I'm talking about. Others will.

        And no, I won't debate you. A) Because I don't think it would do any good, B) Because I have work to do, C) Because you didn't bother to provide me with links–like I'm going to spend my time searching out your references, then listen to it all, then debate you. This isn't a paying gig, you know. And D) You would have been better giving me something to read rather than listen to, because I absorb better that way.

        • not interested in debating you, i want at these journalists misleading their readers
          link given above — non-verbatim transcripts available there, too
          search engines find other stuff in a snap
          i think i get what you were saying and its direction, and applied to this issue all your adjectives are out-to-lunch (so, back to work — read up)

      • You're kidding right?

        A PhD thesis submitted two months ago at the University of Wollongong's "Science, Technology and Society Program" (housed in the University's "School of English Literatures and Philosophy" in the Faculty of Arts)?

        A paperback, self-published by a vanity press?

        A widely derided "Report" that you can TOTALLY access for free online, just pay $2 to access the authors' site and start your "free" download (or, save your money and read one of the half dozen or so rebuttals which tear it to shreds and actually ARE freely available online…).

        I'd move that Davis book up to the top of your list if I were you. I can't utterly dismiss it in less than 30 seconds with Google, but given your first three citations, no one's ever going to get that far down your list anyway.

        • No, we don't rely on credulous Kitch. for literary assessment. Nary a peek inside. Afraid of…what? The whole issue centres around corrupted co-opted "authority", so you have to find out for yourself. And Davis is last on that list because I believe she will come out most restrained of the three, with little ref. to the worst of all, mobile phone infrastructure.
          Or go ahead, consult the captured WHO'.s own database of base station studies. Last I looked, 8 out of 9 in serious condemnation. (9th done where some do-it-yourself Irish took down a cell mast after a raft of local cancers, with criminal investigation …cell masts become good for you in that context, eh?). What does WHO's reviewer of the lit. say — pick, pick, like studies not submitted on sufficient gauge paper kind of wickedness.
          Credulous Kitchener. Is this typical of Cosh's following? Then there isn't much use his looking into it further…
          By the way, best study on cell infrastructure danger yet, statistically sophisticated enough even for WHO, from Selbitz, Germany, pub. '10. I can provide you with an Eng. summary. Put that 1st on the list.

  14. I wonder if he's ever worked on microwave mind control? This scientist (of unspecified discipline) has a body of (self) published work on this topic…

    • You really shouldn't laugh, mind control by microwave is definitely real. True story. Just the other night, somebody put a mysterious bag into our microwave and the next thing I knew I had a craving for popcorn.

  15. The Post using bad, alarmist writing?

    Barely news…

  16. This should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism: http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2010/08/oh_no_s

    And I wonder how many of those kids have wifi internet at home.

    I live in a building and my laptop picks up some 20 different networks when I'm sitting in the living room. There are lots of kids in my building.

    • The best part is how they get better on the weekends, and sick again on the weekdays. Yeah, that's TOTALLY how radiation exposure works. Once you get away from the source of the radiation, you're instantly better.

      • Don't forget what kids tend to DO on their days off, too: play (wireless) Xbox and Wii, visit Starbucks and other public businesses with wireless hotspots, and chat or text endlessly on cellphones.

  17. In all this fuzzy "who can be cuter" junk, no one seems interested in Mr. Trowers statement that "there are no studies showing this is safe." Search the internet, scientific journals and find there is nothing to prove that we are safe using WiFi or cellphones. Muc and Krewski are saying that 1000s of studies show no harm, and just a few show harm. What they don't say is most of the studies showing no harm are funded by the industry. And most showing harm are not!! What does that tell us. And WHO and Health Canada, the agencies that assure us about asbestos and pesticides, and scare us into buying millions of dollars of flu vaccine! If you believe them, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you.

  18. It seems fairly obvious that the public has a serious lack of knowledge about the biological effects of non-thermal radiation, no doubt due to the constant promoting of this technology as safe by the industry. Why would the ones gaining profits tell you anything else? Biological health hazards from non-ionizing radiation used in microwave communication has been well researched and kown about since the 1950's. Us Military analyzed 2,300 science articles in 1971 and their scientists reported all the health effects plus a lot more that are concerning parents. BioInitiative report analyzed over 2,000 published and peer reviewed science showing biological effects. Their conclusion: our safety standards are not protecting the public.

  19. Don't you think it is significant that the insurance industry stopped personal injury liability insurance in 2002 for the telecom industry? They have analyzed the science also, and are running away from the biggest lawsuits this world will have ever seen. This will be tobacco all over again, but much larger. Those parents who want to protect their children from fallout (and yes, it is coming…) need to speak out. The industry has now adopted the strategy of shifting the liability downward, which will prove very dangerous for schools who push this technology in face of thousands of studes evidencing ill health. There is no statute of limitations for EMR damage, and everyone who was part of the decision, from the principal, to the school trustees, to the school administrators can be held individually and severally liable. You think parents won't start a class action lawsuit?

    • I doubt you are right about liability, J.F. I rather expect there might be immunity for elected officials. As for lesser administrators, it is hard to see how a Cdn. court would not allow their "reasonable" pointing to co-opted higher-ups.
      But I cannot believe a Cdn. court if shown the corruption & massive dissenting literature would not be swayed about the unreasonableness of the situation. The challenge is to find the right ones to go after, with the right remedy in mind. As for giant lawsuits, there is no way that there will be adequate ability to indemnify, no way. The most influential insurance opinion would I believe have been the biggest reinsurers', who did not claim that science proves anything, but what's salient for them, that the "precautionary principle" and such like is gradually insinuating itself into jurisprudence due to societal change, and that lawsuits would be industry-catastrophic. So, out they are. But overall right and welcome you are, as are M.G. & Vic just above, to pipe up here on the side of right. (Am I allowed t welcome someone to a site I never visit except for now?) The science: what I said about eg SwissRe, however, does not mean they are not in the know about the well-established dangers, just that they point out what sways them qua insurer.

  20. Ridiculing the messenger is an outdated form denial. And I didn't know one receives a patent for understanding how wepaons work, but that' an interesting bit of "journalism" on your part.
    I heard the speach by Barrie Trower. Although parts of it were a tad boring, he never claimed to teach anywhere. Said he is a retired British Naval employee with a degree in physics who had priveleged knowledge of microwave technology due to his work in the Navy during the Cold War in England. If you caught him teaching a little school in his retirement, it's a weak argument to discount what he said ,which is; "There are no studies that show microwaves are safe for chidlren." Perhaps you can school the National Post in "journalism" and find such a study, and post it here.
    We're waiting.

  21. More of that delightful National Post "journalism." What's that? Turns out a National Post "journalist" has been had? Again?


  22. RED ALERT! A news organization that does fact checking! Well done MacLeans. I was starting to think that journalism was a completely dead art. By the way the many parents that they always refer to number about 12. Deever cites hearings. Hell if we halted anything that we ever had hearings on we'd still be in the stone age and be having a debate if fire was a good technology to adopt.

    • The question is, has North even glanced at what transpired at the hearings? We doubt it. And if he has, and even under those constrained circumstances the two hearings were a shut-out for the good guys, and can come away with his attitude, or if he has consulted but a single of the many sources provided by the deever and still maintain this attitude…

      Is Cosh going to take on the investigation, or refer it to someone who can get prominent publication in telecom-controlled mainstream media land? There are plenty of well-informed people who can help.

      • It's all a cover up by the evil cell phone companies and Cisco I suppose. The original crud that started this was aimed at a school board. I cannot for the life of me, figure out why these groups aren't going after Health Canada, Industry Canada, and so on. Wait – I can answer that – because a smaller board might be easier to convince with the pseudo-science than Health Canada. And just like they quote Lakehead- Orillia, they would quote the SCDSB as 'proof' Take the damn argument to the people that set the standards. I'm so done with this.

        • Be done, be gone, I only reply quickly in the off chance that someone who counts will notice. What nonsense again!
          Those hearings North is avoiding were precisely what he asks, investigation of your federal Dept.of Health's guidelines. This after years of Canadians' crying out to a deaf Health Canada (ie Death Canada) and Industry Canada (Injury Canada). Let North be the only one here to cover his eyes & ears. The scholarly & other literature damning the whole enterprise immense, and has been government-accessible for decades. Canada is corporate playground, and readers like North seem like playthings therein.

  23. The answer is 42.

  24. This article is definately one sided and has the odor of a smear campaign. The writer gets the keyboard out and works on a google investigation of Mr. Trower but doesn’t check for any documents regarding his claims. After doing my own google investigation I found some of the studies Mr. Trower is refering to.



  25. Thanks. It is more work to research the background and debunk these BS artists who make grandiose claims about themselves then to blindly accept everything he says.

  26. Typical smug looking neckbeard geek boy, trying his hardest to discredit someone for the establishment and status quo, but just can’t seem to do it. I’m sure many of his geek culture readers will be taken in by this pseudo-journalism however.

  27. You’re all just afraid aren’t you? Fantastic, you don’t know and neither does any other commentor what various frequencies do to us – but to DISCREDIT the information, the man, the whatever….. is the very first thing to look for – there is nothing here to dispute the information Trower (and other independent researchers) present – that’s what’s been left out HERE. and a little more fyi – lead paint is perfectly safe, asbestos – absolutely fine, cigarettes? great for everyone, smoke’ em if you got ’em!, governments don’t experiment on their people, they said so themselves, there have ALWAYS been this many autistic kids, ALL the meds approved by the FDA, they’re SAFE! they said so themselves and they wouldn’t lie —————————————— and on and on and on and on – have any of you even read this guy or watched this guy or looked up what HAARP is capable of? I doubt it. Read some history and not this guy, who is he anyway? Duh.

  28. Barrie Trower has only produced a report for the British Police Federation on the safety of the Tetra communication system – he’s that out of the establishment loop. Also if you’ve ever watched an interview with Barrie Trower on Youtube, say this one by Ken Rhaodes, he says he worked as an agent in microwaves in the 60s and has been a teacher at a college of advanced physics – that’s A level physics. Anyone who knows the British educational establishment knows that’s high school level only and nothing else.

    Barrie Trower has also given Britain’s current Minister of Education advice on Wifi in schools. He said not to do it, because it increases the prevalence of harmful electro-magnetic radiation everywhere.

    He also counsels and represents targeted individuals – you know those pseudo-schizophrenics, that are emerging by the truck load in countries such as a America, Europe, Australia and such like. Barrie Trower is a hero to many of them, and whatever his faults and failings, he tells people like it is! Shame governments, journalists can’t even do that.