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I Hope This Was Supposed To Be Ironic…


…I saw a newsper headline today that read:

On Tonight: Historic Turns for Iran, Jon, Kate

And speaking of priorities: while Jon and Kate’s separation/divorce/ratings stunt may get extra viewers for tonight’s episode, it seems likely that some of their publicity (and therefore, some of the viewers they might have gotten) has been stolen by all the Perez/Will.I.Am coverage. For a large portion of the day, they weren’t even the top story on Wesmirch.com.

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I Hope This Was Supposed To Be Ironic…

  1. I think it's just bad copy editing. It should have been: Historic Turns for Iran; Jon, Kate. They're saying that there will be two separate programs on this evening. One will be about the historic turns in Iran. The other will be Jon and Kate Plus Eight. In true headline-ese style, they've removed the "and" and replaced it with a comma, which has led to a confusing headline (particularly regarding the fact that Jon & Kate took a historic turn as well).

    • I don't think that is Mr. Weinman's particular beef.