I Love Caption Errors


FIrst, let me say that there’s no shame in the occasional typo (otherwise I’d be shamed out of existence). Second, I think it’s a miracle that the people doing the captions for this debate on CBC Newsworld (the onscreen captions that said what the question was or provided tidbits about the candidates) didn’t just fall asleep or put up captions like “Senator McCain: Will you all please make it stop?” or “Obama: Have either of you noticed that half the audience is asleep?” or just flashing “You Suck, Brokaw!” in neon lettering.

But all that said… did anybody get a screenshot of that caption on CBC Newsworld that said something like “Question: What Would You Do About the Ecomony?” It was up for a while, too, but it vanished just as I was about to capture it. Anyway, I want to thank the person who did that caption for providing the only moment that actually held my interest.

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I Love Caption Errors

  1. How can that john call obama that one? that was very bad, he has made me think four times

  2. I think you mean Chyron or key, not “caption.”

  3. Good eye…so what did they put up when McCain said he may need hair transplants?

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