IDF Arabic poetry slam -

IDF Arabic poetry slam


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IDF Arabic poetry slam

  1. Sounds great. No idea what they are saying as I don't speak Arabic.

    Rather than an Arabic poetry slam it seems more like a Rai Duel.

    • yeah. it seems that what is being said is prob a big part of interpreting the video.

    • Mr. Petrou, is there anybody out there who can tell what they are saying?

  2. Oy veh.

  3. I think that's pretty cool.

    Though I have no idea what they are saying and it's probably something like 'torture all pasty skinned Canadian guys' or soemthing.

  4. The only way I can understand the reaction from all the comments, is that they are made by people who occupy others lands!

  5. I am quite astonished and shocked. I never knew that Canada was the number one supporter of Israel! Both colonial states.

  6. This is a jazal (an arabic rap [of sorts]). This type of 'rap' is done in many arab countries. They are singing about birds, love, and bedouins – there is no Israel or IDF hating of sorts. It's pretty cool to listen to.