‘If you don’t mind giving me a moment’


David Akin has the transcript of the Prime Minister’s tangential and erroneous attack.

If you don’t mind giving me a moment to address the comments of Mr. Ignatieff. The leader of the opposition suggested very recently in the last day or two, I gather, that it’s possible — I’m not sure if he’s saying it’s desirable or should happen or could happen — that there will be a group come to the fore, a group of major countries that will exclude Canada. I don’t know where he’s getting this idea. Nobody but Mr. Ignatieff in the world has suggested excluding Canada from a meeting of major countries. Nobody. It’s the first anybody has heard of it. I think it’s an irresponsible suggestion, Mr. Ignatieff is supposed to be a Canadian. I don’t think you go out and float ideas like this that are so obviously contrary to the country’s interests when no one else is advocating them. So I would suggest that he look carefully at his comments and withdraw those. Frankly they would be irresponsible coming from anybody but particularly irresponsible coming from a kean Canadian Parliamentarian.


‘If you don’t mind giving me a moment’

  1. He must be playing chess again. Oh, wait…..

  2. "Mr. Ignatieff is supposed to be a Canadian" !?!

    Forget about Souda. Harper owes a public apology to Michael Ignatieff.

  3. I can't wait for Jarrid's take on this. I know … "all academics are the same. Ignatieff must take responsibility for the words of his fellow academic."

  4. Wow.

    Jumping to DefCon 2 so quickly.

    DefendConservative 6 – it's a nothing story
    DefCon 5 – if the story persists, blame the Liberals
    DefCon 4 – if the story persists, blame "The Media"
    DefCon 3 – if the story persists, blame a random non-Conservative, preferably a bureaucrat or a priest
    DefCon 2 – if the story persists, blame a staffer; fire them if need be
    DefCon 1- if the story still continues to persit, start talking about the Sponsorship Scandal, HRDC boondoggles, broken GST promises

    Seems we've gone to DefCon 2 an awful lot in the last year: Harper's G8 remarks, Raitt, Harper's plagiarisms (2 of them), attack the father of dead soldier, a website showing a bird crapping on the leader of the opposition, etc.

  5. Is Soudas still among the living?

  6. How irresponsible indeed, especially from such a keen Canadian parliamentarian.

    I would suggest that the PMO look up irony and projection!

  7. Too much time on their hands. Lisa Raitt going on and on gossiping with her aide, and Harper is reacting to gossip here. Makes me wonder : where are his instincts about what is handed down gossip and what is relevant? The whole dynamic of the conservatives is sad to watch. All those months off while Parliament was prorogued shows in their performance. You can't be a new party governing and then go out of the stream for so long — they took two steps back. Harper should have known that would the consequence of retiring his crew for months on end. He has poor judgement as a manager. He doesn't have the legal savvy required for his position. Put those two problems side by side to understand why he'll never earn a majority government.

    • Good observation.

  8. Harper and the Cons came in power, at least in large part, because people were mad at the Libs for the Adscam thing. That they were not ready to govern well was likely not on voters' minds. However, it is worrisome that some 30% are apparently still willing to vote for this bunch again. Remember, though, the real majority, the other 62% did not vote for this bunch. This is why we need electoral reform.

    • With every passing day, it seems electoral reform is a must here in Canada.
      Too bad that no one seems to really care….

  9. Cheap shots at your opponent through the media is bad enough (like, how can Iggy respond other than an infantile media tit for tat??), but to do it on foreign so – again – is downright disgraceful and frankly embarrassing. And Harper brought it up – he wasn't even prompted.

  10. Even if Ignatieff actually said that:

    I'm not sure if he's saying it's desirable or should happen or could happen

    I'm sorry, but there's a pretty big effing difference between 'could' and 'should.' If you're not sure which your opponent used, then you should probably keep quiet.

    • Exactly. But he is always eager to pounce on his opponent, whether justified or not.
      Gotta love the great minority leader who is really trying hard to work together….