“If you like a T on your BLT, you know that elections matter”


There’s something particularly fascinating about politicians who aren’t actually that good at it. It would have been hard for a Democrat to lose the presidential election in 2000, but Al Gore almost managed it. And yet here he is, endorsing Barack Obama — very, very late, so as not to jinx him the way Gore jinxed Howard Dean in 2004 —  and doing a pretty good job of it.


“If you like a T on your BLT, you know that elections matter”

  1. I think the only way for Gore to not jinx Obama would be to take a holiday somewhere where the Internet he invented doesn’t exist, at least until the end of January.

  2. I wonder when someone might notice that Obama has been unable to open up any kind of a lead on McCain? Hillary has disappeared from the headlines, yet Gallup has McCain and Obama in a dead heat, as was the case even before Hillary got out. More troubling for Obama is the Electoral College math, which favours the GOP as long as the popular vote is close. (Obama, like Kerry and Gore before him, will waste millions of votes winning California and New York by huge margins.)

    This is the point in the cycle at which the Democratic nominee should be well ahead. Dukakis, for example, was 17 points up on Bush Sr. in the Summer of ’88. Heck, even Mondale wasn’t that far behind Reagan early on in ’84. Typically, whether they win or lose, the GOP candidate picks up steam in the latter stages of the race. (Bob Dole, who was dreadful on the campaign trail, rallied a bit at the end in ’96, getting 41% and 19 states.)

    Given how unpopular the current Administration is, and the shocking losses the GOP is suffering in special elections so far this year, you have to ask yourself why Obama can’t open up a lead on McCain, a candidate who on the surface certainly shares a lot of similarities with Dole. While the GOP is no doubt going to get taken to the woodshed in Congressional elections, the Presidential election is going to be much closer than people might think.

  3. And the headlines have already appeared across the WWW “Al Gore throws his weight behind Obama”.


    Doesn’t the GOP Presidential Canadiate always hover around 45% mark. I cant’ remember where I read that…

  4. Hey, Paul, do you know if there is a Canadian version of the Pollster.com site? This is the first time I’m seeing it and it’s a great concept…

  5. Thanks for the links!

  6. On the main point – “doing a pretty good job of it.” – I dunno. The comparison to JFK was painfully delivered, awkward, and way overstated. In fact, comparisons between JFK and Obama’s respective experience as they launched their presidential bids are exactly the kind of comparisons McCain would want to make and Obama would not want to make.

  7. The best Canadian equivalent of Pollster.com, I think, is PollingReport.ca. If you know how to formulate your own URLs in the “Detailed” view, you can customize it to anything you want, but the little arrow buttons also give pretty good navigation.

    There are a few other good Canadian resources on my Links page at the Pundits’ Guide, such as Trendlines.ca, the Wikipedia page, resources provided by the UBC Election Stock Market, and a number of others.

    For elections data in the States, I also like Electoral-Vote.com, which is updated daily (god, if only I had the time …).

  8. Hey Two Hats,

    The best Canadian equivalent I know of is PollingReport.ca. If you know how to work with URLs, you can customize their “Detailed” view quite a bit to get the time-period you want. Even if not, the little arrow buttons in the Detailed view still give quite a bit of control.

    There are a number of other similar Canadian resources on my site’s Links page, including Trendlines.ca, the Wikipedia page that has all the polls, and resources linked to through the UBC Election Stock Market, among others.

    The site I like for data from the States is Electoral-Vote.com, which is updated daily (god, if only I had the time …).

  9. “It would have been hard for a Democrat to lose the presidential election in 2000, but Al Gore almost managed it”.

    Which is another way of saying “Bush-Hitler stole the election”. Americans were so upset, they rewarded him with another four years.

    The Dems are in real trouble if they keep pretending the situation on the ground in Iraq hasn’t changed since 2006. Iraqi forces secured territory in Anbar and Basra and defeat of Mahdi militia in almost every city including Sadr city, distribution of oil revenues to all provinces — Afghanistan is reported to be more dangerous now than Iraq.

    Its hard to imagine how Americans will be persuaded by a promise for a future full of hopes and dreams when Obama has difficulty dealing with the factual reality in the present.

    Also, when you brand something as unwinnable and you start winning, its a little hard to say “I told you so.”

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