If you’re going to get jailed abroad, it helps to be white


This story, about Canadians who are jailed in Haiti and ignored by Canadian politicians, is in the current print issue of Maclean’s.


If you’re going to get jailed abroad, it helps to be white

  1. “But Brenda Martin, a white woman, had friends who publicized her plight, and journalists put her story on the evening news. After that, public attention from politicians was inevitable. Canadians jailed in Haiti are mostly black and, judging by their lack of funds for lawyers, food, and clothing, poor. Canadian politicians can safely ignore them. Most do.”

    So the overwhelmingly white, liberal msm and the overwhelmingly white, liberal parliament ignore anyone who isn’t white? Say it ain’t so. How can this be? I have been told for years that white liberals are all about kittens, lollipops and rainbows and that they are the only ones who ‘care’.

    • Please try and restrain your grief at the fact that so many of our compatriots are rotting in foreign jails.

    • It may have escaped yr attention, but we haven’t had a liberal govt in a while. Not everthing is a white liberal conspiracy JWL!! Good grief!!

  2. Nice race bait headline…..

    Read the article and it becomes clearer that it is about connections and not the amount of melanin in the skin.

    Counter poitn 1….Bill Samson, very white man, tortured in a Saudi jail.

    Counter point 2….Papa Khadr, hardly a “white man” but apaprently connected nough within the Liberal party, or made enough donations, to get him sprung from a Pakistani jail.

    In general though, I question how well the canadian government looks after citizens rigths, no matter where they are outside the country. This has more to do with attitudes within foreign affairs than it does with which government is in power. I believe Foreign affairs sees travelling Canadians as an interruption to their more “important work” of diplomancy etc.

  3. its a gud article