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Ignatieff: No. 1 with a bullet


Sometimes it’s hard to keep track so…

Top 10 Conservative Talking Points

For the Week Ending Oct. 15, 2010

LW      TW      Spin

–            1            Ignatieff to blame for Security Council defeat, dinner being ruined, everything else ever.

1            2            The coalition? The future’s greatest monster.

5            3            Michael Ignatieff. Not a Canadian. Not a leader. Needlessly tall in a showoffy kind of way.

6            4            Tim Horton’s.

2            5            Census changes make sense to anyone with half a brain (especially those w/ exactly half).

4           6            We said: TIM HORTON’S.

3            7            Opposition politicians hate our troops, values, national colour scheme and puppies.

9            8            Biggest deficit ever somehow a good thing apparently.

7            9            Harper playing chess while everyone else plays checkers, thus explaining his lack of friends.

10            10        Liberals had 13 years to stop us from spending five years of government blaming them for absolutely everything… and they didn’t get it done.

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Ignatieff: No. 1 with a bullet

  1. If Canada were to give-in to UN and not stand up for our principles, then we will have given up on our sovereignty…

    • Right. That's why tried to bribe the delegates with beer and maple syrup so that they would vote for us.

      • LOL!!!

      • MMMM…maple syrup and beer.

        Hey, is there an enterprising microbrewery somewhere in this country that makes maple syrup beer? If so, could somebody mail me a dozen?


          • Excellent. And from a place I spent a very happy day in a little over a decade ago. Either they didn't have that beer then, or I missed it. I'll have to get my hands on some, at any rate.

          • It's not very mapley.

        • Also, Sap Vampire Maple Lager by Amber's Brewing Co. in Edmonton. Delicious!

          • Sap Vampire. Nice. That goes on my list.

          • this beer rocks

    • So, just to be clear: you're saying the principled stand is to defy U.N. wishes, but blame Ignatieff for the resulting loss of a security council seat?

      • Our government is continuing to stand for the principle of blaming Liberals for everything that goes wrong, at least.

    • Busy day, posting this exact same remark on all the blogs. Well, all the best to ya!

    • What principles are we standing up for? They're not the principals that Canada has traditionally stood for, and for which we are known and respected throughout the international community. They are the principles of a ideologically driven government, mandated by only 1/3 of the population. Even that third is probably having second thoughts now. How I long for the days of truly "progressive" conservatives like Mulroney.

  2. So, Ignatieff can get the UN to do what he wants and Harper cannot. Sounds like Iggy should be our PM, not ol' useless whatshisname

    • You're displaying elitist thinking there, Chris.

    • Iggy has actually managed to get the UN to do what he can't do: Embarass Harper.

      Of course, in getting them to do it he's effectively done it himself. Since he can't do it, but is entirely to blame for doing it, it creates a paradox that threatens the very continuity of space time.

      For which Ignatieff, of course, is entirely to blame.

      Q.E.D. Michael Ignatieff wants to destroy the universe.

      • Q.E.D. Michael Ignatieff wants to destroy the universe.

        Michael Ignatieff aka Dr. Doom, Ph.D. I bet its a Sociology doctorate; those guys are all communists.

      • You nailed it

  3. I think you have hit upon it. Capitalization of coffee houses is very, VERY iMpOrtANt.

    • The reason they had to say it twice is because they got it wrong. Both times!

      Tim Hortons does not have an apostrophe. I know it should, you know it should, but it doesn't. If we are going to have a company that screams Canadian just by repeating the name, the least our government could do is get it right.

  4. Well, 'Coalition' is #2 on Macleans' "Hot Topics" (between Col. Williams and Christian Paradis). Chicken or the egg, Scott, Chicken or the egg???