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‘I’m no longer talking about Afghanistan’


Midway through a Hill Times piece on the former Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan and the intellectual credentials he brings to the Conservative party, Chris Alexander offers this.

When The Hill Times reached Mr. Alexander on his cell phone last week, he said he wanted to wait until later to speak to the media about his candidacy, and that he had nothing more to say on Afghanistan.  “I’m no longer talking about Afghanistan, I’m trying to just take a pause on this stuff,” he said.


‘I’m no longer talking about Afghanistan’

  1. What? Only a politician could get away with this.

    "Excuse me boss, you want that report? Sorry, I'm no longer talking about that report. I'm just trying to take a pause on all this stuff."

    • Sorry, only a CON politician can get away with it. Other party candidates and leaders actually answer questions from more than a hand-picked circle, mingle with non-party members… the trend of CON candidates for office not speaking/answering questions can cover 308 ridings. Candidate #1 is Diane Dilworth of New West-Coquitlam.


  2. Chris Alexander has a close familiar relationship with the Progressive Conservaitve party of Canada…….what in the world is he doing cavorting with the Harperites?

  3. "I'm no longer talking about Afghanistan"

    Sounds like Cabinet material to me.

  4. Leave the man alone. It's not like the primary reason he decided to run for the Conservatives had to do with Afghansistan or anything.

  5. Leave the man alone. It's not like the primary reason he decided to run for the Conservatives had to do with Afghanistan or anything.

  6. "I can't speak right now, I'm waiting for the brain transplant."

  7. Wherry, this post is shockingly unjournalistic!

    • They all are, as I understand it.

  8. I suppose he doesn't want to become the next Gordon Landon.

  9. I wouldn't want to talk my cheerleading of the Afghan mission either if I were him. He does intend to try and win that seat after all.

  10. Get out of Afghanistan and there would be nothing to worry about.
    Do you here me, get our people out of there…
    If we spent as much time at home,working supporting our economy as we do drooling over the "American Way" its cheaper made in China products,milk,gas, and booze.
    Boy, what a country we would have!

  11. I understand that Mr. Alexander has been speaking to groups for a long time. I'm going to see him speak about Afghanistan in a few weeks, so I look forward to hearing his perspective – he was on the ground and really involved in the details. I guess if he's been talking a lot about Afghanistan that he wanted to turn the interview in another direction. Judging from the reaction here, he didn't do a good job explaining why! The smallest thing will be taken out of context when you're a politician, so he'll learn to explain his reasons more effectively! This guy was a U.N. representative and helped with things like the election, so he has some really good perspective on what is going on – I, for one, am looking forward to hearing more details, in person, from a person who has been walking the walk.