Imaginative fiction -

Imaginative fiction


Elizabeth May was joined in the visitor’s gallery today by author William Deverell. Here is the publisher’s synopsis of Deverell’s latest book.

In bestselling Deverell’s latest hilarious mystery, Arthur Beauchamp moves to Ottawa, and all hell breaks loose.

Arthur Beauchamp has followed his wife, the leader and first elected member of the Green Party, to Ottawa. But he hates it there: the cold, the politics, and his place in his wife’s shadow. So when a delegation of government officials from Bhashyistan is blown sky high on Bronson Avenue and the shares of a Calgary-based oil company promptly drop like a stone, Arthur is only too happy to jump to the defence of the missing suspected assassin.


Imaginative fiction

  1. first elected member of the Green Party

    Imaginative indeed.

  2. The same visitor's gallery where the green protest was today?

    Was May involved in the protest?

    • correlation does not equal causation.

  3. You sure it;'s not Science Fiction! as maybe in a parrallel dimesion Lizzie might get elected but not as long as she keeps proving to everyone that she really doesn't want to be elected.

  4. When was it set? 2020? 2030?

  5. When lizzie may was hanging out in the galleries with a flashmod, I thought they meant lizzie was flashing parliament. That would have been less disreputable than her graceless remarks.

    • "lizzie" is the graceless one. how rich.

      • The truly incompetent are the worst judges of competence. Those who show the least respect are the quickest to demand respect.

  6. "those were our children we threw out of the House of Commons today….the most responsible young adults in Canada."

    so very doubleplusungood of you lizzie.