In hairier times


CBC digs up a clip of Michael Ignatieff on Midday in 1987 discussing The Russian Album. The decision to match a grey suit, blue shirt and green tie was certainly daring.



In hairier times

    • And surpassed Harper's numbers from the fall of 2005 while Harper has already fallen off of Martin's numbers from the same polling period.

      • How did that work out for Martin? I bet he went on to great success. And what ever happened to that Harper guy?

        • It looks like you missed the point, there, as large as a 747 as it was. Anybody out there want to spell it out for Dakota? No? Ok, I will: polls outside the writ period are notoriously bad predictors of an election's outcome. Case in point, Harper was lower in the polls than Ignatieff is at the moment when Martin was PM, yet he went on to defeat him. There. Does that help?

          • And defeat him only a few months later.

            Not only that, but according to the Liberals and the media at the time, Harper's political coffin was already being built (for the third or fourth time) and he was already on his way out after spending a summer "doing nothing".

            And the numbers were similar for Mulroney in 1984 at the start of the election as they were for Chretien in 1993 at the start of an election.

  1. Is it just me or does he look like Chris de Burgh?

  2. Got a kick out of —

    Q – So, did you do this for your kids?
    A – No, I did it for me.

    Bracingly honest. :p

  3. Boy, when he's wincing (like he is on the still-shot of the YouTube clip above), it looks like his eyebrows have actually overgrown his eyes.

    • Yup, he's in good company having those bushy eyebrows – Einstein, Darwin, Mark Twain, etc., etc., and a really great guy – my late dad.

  4. The best part is the closing salutations

    She: Lovely to meet you Michael!
    He: Good.

    It pretty much says it all.

  5. Meanwhile on a totally not political observation! Good old Iggy and Steve had EPIC hair back in the day Ha : )

  6. Iggy needs a beard and a long one at that, then people will stand up and NOTICE him more.

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