In his own backyard


Ironic new revelation in the Star-Phoenix’s account.

Tory MP Brad Trost said Ablonczy was removed from the file because of her decision to fund Pride Week. He was critical of Ablonczy and told a news website taxpayers don’t want to fund “polarizing” and “political” events such as the Pride parade.

But in his criticism of his colleague, he did not mention his government funds Saskatoon’s Pride parade. The Saskatoon Diversity Network received $9,000 from Canadian Heritage this year for last June’s Pride Festival.


In his own backyard

  1. Not surprising.
    Just sickening – that they play such hypocritical games to try to stay in power…
    Don't they realize how desperate and bigoted all this looks?
    The optics are just terrible!

  2. No, Wascally_Wabbit, you're wrong, wrong, wrong.
    This is pretty obvious. We didn't know the story before. Now we're getting more and more information – including this very interesting revelation. How can the government fund one parade, not another, and look "desperate and bigoted"? It means that Ablonczy, as I've been saying all along, if she was in fact demoted, it was probably for a very good reason. Funding a silly parade is not a reason to demote someone. And really, who cares if the parade was funded by government of ANY stripe? Does it matter? Personally, I believe that the event is big enough it can get funding through it's many corporate sponsors. But somehow I'm sure the whole gay community would be up in arms about lack of government support.

    Something smells like personal infighting. Like I said before – people from saskatchewan are nuts. Brad Trost is one of them.

  3. Just 'cause I'm posting it everywhere, I'd like to point out that in Toronto's case anyway the money didn't go to the parade but to Pride Week as a festival as a whole. The money was spent on accessibility and infrastructure improvements to various venues for the festivities and to bring in an international entertainer for a Pride Week concert (Kelly Rowland).

    As far as I know, none of the Toronto money was spent directly on the parade.