In Memory of GE's Majority Stake In NBC -

In Memory of GE’s Majority Stake In NBC


Before Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock started making all those GE jokes the only one I heard (or the only one I remembered) was Wayne and Shuster’s “I Was a TV Addict, based on the best-selling novel I Was a Pusher For General Electric.”

Update: As noted in comments, David Letterman (in his NBC incarnation) was doing General Electric jokes before the whippersnappers at SNL got around to it:


In Memory of GE’s Majority Stake In NBC

  1. Mostly off topic but Ronald Reagan was a 'Pusher For General Electric' as well and the experience turned him into a conservative.

  2. Right you are. I didn't start watching Letterman till he was on CBS, though, so that's why I don't have a lot of memory of his GE jokes. He did make them, though, you're right.

  3. Agreed, that Weinman guy needs to be taken down a peg.

    • LOL.

      I was actually pretty young myself when Letteman was at NBC, though I certainly remember his NBC days, and particularly his pillorying of GE, and even specific, named, GE/NBC executives (he had a "GE Employee of the Week" thing he used to do).

      That said, I admit that what really made it spring straight to mind was re-seeing "The Late Shift" recently on T.V. (a GREAT movie from HBO, despite the fact that the boom mic occasionally slips into frame… it was early HBO) and "The Late Shift" of course shows not only Letterman going at GE and it's executives, but the reaction of some of those execs to being ridiculed on national television.

  4. Nice post Jamie.

  5. Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock???

    How can a post on GE jokes vis a vis NBC exist that doesn't make mention of DAVID LETTERMAN? Doesn't Letterman still hold the patent on the GE joke?

    I'll give you a pass on SNL, but Letterman was making GE jokes well over a decade before 30 Rock was even an idea. In fact, his last GE joke (while at NBC anyway) was at least 4 years before Tina Fey even started working for SNL, and at least 7 years before she first appeared on air.

    • Thanks for schoolin' Mr. Weinman LKO.