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Helena Guergis would like to apologize

For throwing her boots at airport security and other acts of travel rage


Helena Guergis would like to apologize. For something. The Globe suggests why. The CBC, via Wayne Easter, via an anonymous letter, has further alleged details.

“On February 19, I was rushing to catch a flight at the Charlottetown Airport and spoke emotionally to some staff members. Regardless of my workload and personal circumstances, it was not appropriate and I apologize to airport and Air Canada staff.

“It was certainly not my intention to create any additional stress for airport or Air Canada employees who already have a very difficult job.

“My father was born in Summerside and many of my relatives still live on the Island, which I love and visit almost every year. To me, it is a very special place that demonstrates the best Canada has to offer. I wish to express my appreciation to all the hard-working people who make it so welcoming.”

Still more from the Globe, Star and Guardian.


Helena Guergis would like to apologize

  1. I bet you Guergis did the 'don't you know who I am!' routine loved by minor and insignificant people around the world.

    • Probably told them it was due to their culture of defeat that they couldn't bump her up to exec class.

    • Maybe her airport antics were just coke rage.

  2. If the description of what she did is accurate, why haven't I seen a "Helena Guergis arrested at local airport" story? Was she at least detained? I'm not sure how many people could swear at the security staff at an airport while attempting to push their way through a closed security door to board a plane that's already been locked up and secured and not at least be detained by the authorities for it.

    • Looks like she never quite got to the "arrestable" point within view of the security guys. Huffy, rude and loud won't get you arrested, but it might get you the really warm bottle of water or yesterday's already-open Mouton Cadet from the beverage cart.

      Mind you, I like the "I've been working my ass off for you people" from the airport staffer's account. I'm really, really hoping that's accurate, as it has prorogue desperation written all over it.

      • She never quite got to the "arrestable" point within view of the security guys.

        That's likely true, likely appropriate even, and I don't really think she necessarily did much to warrant detention.

        However, I do feel compelled to point out that "arrestable point" is a moving target. "Attractive white lady" can presumably try to force her way through an already closed security door to board an already locked and secured plane with minimal consequences. "Young Muslim man" might very well not have quite the same level of accommodation shown to him were he to try the exact same stunt.

        • The irony is that she is married to a Young Muslim Man.

          It might be a good time for Harper to ask her for a resignation. Just like in other gov`ts she is only in cabinet because of her gender. Don`t yell at me folks, you know it`s the truth.

        • i am near certain that if i got anywhere close to trying to push through a locked security door i would not be experiencing the pleasure of re-booking flights straight away.

        • She's probably lucky that she wasn't tasered.

      • That "working my @$$ off…" quote could be CON ad money in the bank. How else to reflect their faux busy prorogue schedules…

    • let's face it, if she hadn't been tagged in advance to the counter she wouldn't have been allowed on the plane. One level of service for you and me, another for this crew.

      they've gotten so far from their Reform roots it's not funny. Can you see Preston Manning taking this hissy fit of entitlement?

      • OMG!!! I hadn't read the update. THEY LET HER ON THE PLANE AFTER ALL OF THAT?!?!?!?

        Well, I don't know if someone else would have been arrested for all of that (or detained) but I'm absolutely positive no mere mortal would be allowed on the freakin' plane after that!!!

        • Actually something similar happened to me once. I got to the gate after the plane had already been sealed and the tunnel retracted. Pleaded with the lady at the door, and she comm'd the pilot, repositioned the tunnel, reopened the plane, and let me on board.

          'Course, I didn't yell or get snooty with anybody. I just asked, smiled, nicely, and explained why I was late.

          Also, this was pre-911.

          • Well, I can see you getting on the plane if you were nice about it (and, as you say, the pre-911 bit could be a big factor), but someone who was swearing at security guards, pounding on soundproof glass, and pushing on a closed security door to try to force their way through? No way. Act all irrational and wound-up and you don't get on the plane. They generally don't like irrational, wound-up people on the planes.

          • That happened to me too – eons before 911.

  3. Well looks like I get to be the first. A belated happy birthday Helen.

  4. The letter is very very detailed and very damning. If that was circulating all day in Ottawa and her office was getting calls from the media, no wonder she apologized proactively/pre-emptively.

    If you can fired as a conservative cabinet minister for making a joke at the airport, I wonder what happens when behave like this.

    {With this PM, that is should be considered a rhetorical question.}

  5. sorry meant "tagged as a VIP to the counter"

  6. Okay, any predictions on Guergis' resignation from cabinet? She was on thin ice to begin with for Harper. And her actions have just jeopardized the thin hold Gail Shea has on the only seat we have on the Island.

  7. Please people. It was her birthday and she had to work far away from her hubby. She put in a long day so she possibly had a couple of pints, maybe a snort and was running a little late and she lost it. Hasn't this happened to all of us at one time or another?

    • Nope, not even close.

    • had a couple of pints, maybe a snort

      FWIW, I'm surprised to see this from you.

      • yeah the coke allegations against her are more than a bit much. why do people feel the need to make so much bs up? look, she should be properly called to account for, and face the consequences of, her action. which is more than ample in this case — our MPs should be severely punished for this kind of treatment of the people they are fortunate enough to represent — vut we don't need to pile on with guilty-by-association allegations.

        • What were the consequences of her action?

          • the expression means that she should stand up and get the sanction(s) she deserves for her ridiculous behaviour.

        • Agreed. And similar thinking says that there is no need to use this event to pile on to Jaffer's troubles; in both cases there needs to be – and in Jaffer's case will be – consequences. If people aren't happy with the consequences then lets have that debate. But this incident seems to be bringing out what is, in my opinion, unusually bad behaviour from commenters, even by their "standards".

    • Nope, those of use in the real world Stewart, would have been arrested and banned from flying. Why should she get special treatment?

      So lame

  8. During the initial prorogation uproar, Helen Guergis said people (her constituents) are "pleased" with the shutdown.

    Helen on prorogation

    Now this.

    It seems she is having some problems with reality – Hmmmm. Could be our next Finance Minister?

  9. Who the hell is Helena Guergis?

    • Don't you know who she is?

    • She's the one that outfits a private school with a new (soccer) pitch under the auspices of economic stimulation.

  10. had a couple of pints, maybe a snort

    FWIW, I'm a bit surprised to see this from you.

  11. It took her 6 days to get around to issuing an apology which makes me think she got wind the story was going to break. There is no sincerity in her words, just an attempt to get ahead of a story that will damage her political career.

  12. I do not believe her. When the first Guergis discovered how easy it is for socalled Tories to get elected – at all levels in Simcoe County – they flocked to Ontario and now infest – like fleas – all levels of municipal and other levels fo government. It is because her father and uncle already had a lock on various mayoral positions – that the failed beauty queen herself was anointed…..There are NO Guergis' left in Summerside…

    • They are her cousins, not father and uncle.

      • cousins like in Deliverance?

  13. I fly in and out of the little Maritime airports all the time. There are NO friendlier, more helpful airports in Canada. As you walk across the tarmac, a security guard will run to open the door for you; the staff will lift your heavy luggage; they will joke and make you feel welcome.

    She and her husband sound like absolute pigs. No respect for the people they serve, just hogs out to get for themselves.

    • Was Mr Jaffer with her during this incident? If not, why slag him here?

      • Because he aligns himself with a party that wanted to through an individual in jail for six months for being in possession of a single, personal use marijuana plant. During his campaign, he aired radio ads implying Jack Layton was a pot head. His party has turned complaining about plea-bargains into a small industry, and now he's busted for drunk driving and cocaine possession with the intentions of plea-bargaining his way out.

        He's a true blue Harper self-servative and nothing is more enjoyable then slagging on a guy like that. Helen really knows how to pick a winner!

  14. It seems to me that if the PMO wanted to shield Guergis, there'd be some strong talking points out there (possibly about work- related- stress, ie, spin it as evidence of how hard the minister works). It doesn't seem to me that this is happening. In particular on the comment-rich cbc board, there is a conspicuous dirth of conservative apologists. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, but it doesn't appear to bode well for Helena.

    • I have a feeling Harper is trying to distance himself as far as he can from the causes of her stress

  15. What does "spoke emotionally" mean?

    I really, really, really, really, really love my puppy"?

    "Hey pinhead, if you'll let me through the gate, I'll show you that hummer doesn't always refer to a three ton ozone monster."

    "You mean third runner up in the Port Hawkesbury Lobsterfest beauty pageant doesn't demand a little respect around here"?

    • Given who she's married to, preforming a "three ton ozone monster" in order to get on the flight might have been a better option

  16. "They generally don't like irrational, wound-up people on the planes."

    True 'nuff. Good thing I'm such a good actor, hey?

  17. I think her husband, Rahim Jaffer, just needs to take her on a night out to help deal with her stress…booze and cocaine should do the trick. Then they can drive around the city at high speeds, painting the town Conservative blue.


    • In Rahim's Ford Focus I hope. Its the Conservative Ferrari

    • You might well be right. It could also be that there is a video of this incident that makes clear exactly to what extent her behaviour was over the top.

  18. She should be fired, we all have bad days, but there is no excuse to behave like that, much less when you are representing this country, shame on her!!

  19. This is just another example of Harpers Harem . Bobble headed bimbos that sit behind him and nod their heads up and down no matter what he says. I think this one has a lot of practise nodding her head up and down. . And just a reminder to the birthday girl its us people her pay your salary.

  20. Hmmm…..Probably was a bad day…..two full days away from the hubby, clearly she was jonesing for a line…poor girl

  21. agreed Phil. not sure why people seem to have so lost the plot on this one.

  22. Off topic, but wondering….if Jaffer had been living anywhere else except Alberta when he first ran for MP I wonder if he would have run as a Liberal instead of a Reformer; I realize that on the surface there is a large gap between those two, but fundamentally Jaffer would seem to be a better fit with the Liberals.

    And I'm not counting Jaffer out of politics just yet, including eventually getting back into the House of Commons, not matter what sentence he receives for his indiscretions a few months ago.

  23. When asked to take off her boots, she slammed them into the bin provided & said happy f*cking Birthday to me, I guess I'm stuck in this hell hole. After the Air Canada emplyee reminded her she should have shown up for her flight earlier she replyed by shouted "you don't have to lecture me I have been down here working my ass for you people" This is pure class for a tory! The sad part is PEI's Federal Fisheries Mister sticks up for her co-workers words.

  24. Power eventually corrupts, and its obvious her sense of "entitlement" was very strong. You dont talk to the people that pay you that way or treat them like sub-humans, they are doing their jobs to protect out security in the air. I would gladly miss my flight if their were any questions about safety. Well, she is "finished" now. I would like to see just "one" politician that "cared" for us. just "one".

  25. Truthful statement. Too bad I do not know who she is.