In other news, France claims sunrise and daylight are entirely coincidental


France today announced plans to release  an Iranian government agent convicted of murdering Shapour Bakhtiar, the last Iranian prime minister to serve under the shah, whose regime was replaced by that of the Islamic Republic in 1979. Ali Vakili Rad stabbed Bakhtiar to death in 1991 and was convicted in 1994.

The news comes one day after Iran freed French academic Clotilde Reiss, who had been jailed for ten months on espionage charges. Iran had linked the two cases, but Paris denies it cut a deal to secure her freedom.

Reiss’s release also follows France’s refusal to extradite to the United States an Iranian national accused of buying electronic components on behalf of Iran’s military. Majid Kakavand, an engineer, was arrested over a year ago. He was released and flew home to Iran Friday.

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In other news, France claims sunrise and daylight are entirely coincidental

  1. I love the headline. That pretty much sums it up.

  2. The French, while sharing our sense of pragmatism, don't share our sense of discretion.

  3. Not commenting on the France and Iran stuff, but sunrise and daylight are 'entirely coincidental'. It depends on where the viewer is standing. If I stand on the night-side of the world, simply, I see no daylight. Just because _you_ don't see daylight doesn't mean the other side of the world facing the sun does not have daylight. I can stand in the daylight at high noon and not see a sunrise.

    But you use it metaphorically, as in some kind of 'dawning realization'.

    • Uh, doug, you might try to consider that he uses it a little more literally, as in one leads to the other. Go ahead, give that a try, and let us know what happens.

      • Co incidental. Occuring at the same time. Not con sequential.Sent from my iPod

        • My bad. Why don't we try a little less literal, then…

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