In the future, we will know what every MP eats for breakfast -

In the future, we will know what every MP eats for breakfast


Responding to criticism from various commentators, Charlie Angus takes to the Facebook to defend his dismissal of the Twitter.

Kady O’Malley calls me draconian. The National Post says I’m a luddite. It’s all over my comments that MP twitter posts lie between the banal and the inane. Have no fear national media — your ability to read what Carolyn Bennett eats for breakfast will not be shut down. I only wish I could have gotten this national uproar over the crisis being faced by children in Attawapiskat who are sleeping in tents tonight.

Michelle Simson attempts, via Twitter, to negotiate.


In the future, we will know what every MP eats for breakfast

  1. For those interested, I had a cup of tea and some raisin bread toast. I didn't want to post on this blog without being honest with fellow readers.

  2. Too much information.

    It's not that I don't want to know what my MP had for breakfast, it's just that I don't need to hear about every belch, burp, or fart that goes along with it.

    I'm expecting that someone is going to twitter about the bowel movement they are experiencing any moment now.

  3. I sort of understand Charlie's complaint. The real problem is that the Ottawa press corps, being stuck in Ottawa, can't relate to the problems of Attawapiskat, and because they can't relate, they're not interested; and if they're not interested, then they can't flag the media head honchos to become interested.

    On the other hand, the press corps can related to Twitter and Facebook as tools they use everyday to get info and possible stuff to write about. So of course they'd view any attempt to reduce social net usage as an attack on their worklines, hence the hostility.

  4. It's not The Facebook. It's just Facebook. Anyone born after 1985 knows that.

    • Keep counting backwards; 24-year-olds aren't all neophytes.

    • DOB for Mark Zuckerberg = 1984
      DOB Chris Hughes = 1983

      Better email and let them know, Evalina. Wouldn't want them making billions under the wrong name.

    • More to the point, anyone born after 1985 actually uses Facebook, whereas no-one other than middle-aged inside-baseball journalists subscribes to politicians' twitter feeds. How about politicians just stop using it, ban or no ban? It serves no substantive purpose, and it makes them look totally ridiculous. I mean, I'm no old fogey when it comes to either language or technology, I'm a computer-literate 20-something who's perfectly happy to split infinitives, use sentence-modifying "hopefully" and so on, but something's gone wrong when the MP for Scarborough Southwest is publishing "if u back me" in a public forum.

  5. If only I wasn't forced to read all these banal tweets from politicians on their dog-walking and breakfast eating.

    Oh, wait. You mean I'm not forced to read them?

  6. She has Frosted Flakes.

    • I thought Bob Rae's hair was natural, didn't know it was frosted.

  7. Michelle Simson , hand picked and parachuted into the very safe Wappel riding….

  8. Angus has a point. I've heard a way too much from the Ottawa press about twitter, facebook, etc. etc. and any of the latest simple-minded bandwagons the mainstream media has jumped on. There isn't a lot more deep thinking or detailed reporting being done in the new, frenetic 24 hour news cycle. Too many times it's just a mindless rush for immediacy with minimal context or critical information provided to the media consumer.

  9. MPs aspire of becoming stars and end up being clowns. Time to get off the banality feed and get on the political scene.