Infographic: Canadians and antidepressants -

Infographic: Canadians and antidepressants

How the country’s use of depression-fighting drugs compares to rates elsewhere



Infographic: Canadians and antidepressants

  1. But….but….I thought we were all happy, practically dancing in the streets!

    Oh wait….that must have been after people took the happy pills.

    • I am contemplating joining the ranks. Helps remove reality from the equation as modern society sucks in many ways.

      • We are living at the best time in history….longer, happier, healthier lives than ever before.

        • Longer yes, modern dentistry and medical science takes care of a lot of minor issues like tooth decay and appendicitis that just 200 years ago would have killed us. We even eat better as we burn CO2 to make food efficiently and thus eat better overall. These do extend out lives, in fact more than double our longevity.

          But is it socially better? I am not bought into this at all. I have lived the high life, and the disabled bottom of the barrel situations…I was raised poor and made it to the 2%er level in one generation….

          But socially, the modern society feels like too many rats in a cage to me. In the modern process, we no longer have the social bonds that once existed. We live in a sea of people and all most think of is other peoples money.

          Modern society isn’t about independence, its about a Borg like collective of ants. Surrey to work, have to support our slave masters government.

          If we are to be a over populated planet, we had better socially evolve with our science, and not just be more technologically advanced. As there are a lot of people out there that modern society doesn’t work for them in the social sense.

          I can certainly see where the Orwellian and Star Trek Borg concepts came from. And let us not forget George Carlin on government.

          • Well then you should be happy, because in previous centuries anyone at the bottom of the barrel stayed there. Today you can move as high up the ladder as you want.

            Having ‘social bonds’ is up to you….it has nothing to do with society as a whole.

            You live in Canada….a sparsely populated country. You should try India or China if you want to have a ‘sea of people’

            You also aren’t remotely a slave or a Borg. Be serious. If you want to be by yourself, you can live in a cabin in the woods.

            George Carlin made a good living sending up the govt. It was his job to be over the top.

  2. Wow Iceland, just wow.

    • Hmmmm….. so Iceland is #1 and they just over-turned their entire Government. Canada is #3? Bring … it … on!

      • Iceland is #1 as their country went bankrupt. Depressing state, young move away as there are no good jobs, if you even find one. Future not so bright, hope fades, depression sets in.

        Cause was too much debt, high taxes, no economic liberty, work hard for less…catches up when the debt bubble bursts and the currency loses value real quick.

        Canada is the same, we are debt-tax slaves of state and getting ahead economically is almost impossible as we pay tax inflated prices for everything. We don’t have the economic freedom to succeed like we once had.

        Tax me more, I spend less on someone else’s job. Makes for not just a depressed economy, but a depressed population.

        I should probably see a doc and get some pills too, make me a happier tax-slave of state. Dope us up and be happy!

  3. Get a grip … the number of people on antidepressants depends hugely on how much of a pill-pusher their doctor is!! My family doctor put me on Lithium once at the age of 19 just to tryi it out and prozac for PMS that I never really had. Followed by years and years of combo drugs that he pushed on me using ‘sales pitches’ like “this one will really reduce your appetite”. As though losing weight and looking good were the important thing in life.

    Never once did he suggest testing for deficiencies, talk therapy, or anything other than popping those pills. Today, I take NO MEDS at all, and live a full life using natural plant products, exercise, and vitamin D from the Sun to combat my blues.

    The medical industry will have us all sedated and over-medicated with their pills. As we speak they are concocting labels and boxes into which they can shove us to further marginalize us. I don’t even believe half of the new ‘disorders’ that they think up. And neither should you. When PROFIT comes into play, integrity quickly disintegrates.

    On those meds, I was a zombie follower who was never really happy; and never really sad. Just numb. Not really living. And feeling more depressed every day because those pills cost so much!

    • My experience is completely opposite from yours. A word of advice: Depending on where you live in Canada, I’d seek advice on whether you are getting enough vitamin D from the sun. Where I live it’s not possible and I have to take vitamin D. It’s the only vitamin the doctor has me taking in pill form. Calcium, iron and other minerals and vitamins, he wants me to get from my diet, not from supplements.

      • Yes I learned that a few years ago. Now I use a light visor and vitamin D drops. It SO depends on your Doc. Dr. Amen was on Dr. Oz months ago and they both said that they believe everyone should have a full brain scan BEFORE they are given any meds. He saw so many times where totally different types of depression were given the same prescription. As if that’s going to work. And how do we know that each pill is damaging our brains each time? I’ve been clean of meds for 4 years and still have zingers at times.

        “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
        ― Hippocrates

      • This is very true. Limited exposure to light can make a seasonal change very difficult for many and vitamin D can help. For those who dismiss antidepressants (including some of the newer SSRIs) as “happy pills,” clearly you haven’t suffered from clinical levels of depression or anxiety, both of which appear to have some form of genetic predisposition. That’s tantamount to ridiculing a diabetic person for taking insulin. Antidepressant medications are incredibly important for some treatment plans. Cognitive behaviour therapy is a first line support and is often enough, especially in combination with exercise, good sleep, and healthy diet. But, for many people, the antidepressant medication is vital in helping increase their functioning to be able to do those things in an effective way. Belittling an essential tool for helping a largely untreated illness is not at all insightful or helpful.

        • We need full disclosure and many many more tests done on all of the antidepressants. Do you know how many youth turned violent and aggressive on Prozac? And apparently the manufacturer’s knew about it but said and did nothing.

          • I agree with you, and also don’t think that pharmaceutical comps should be allowed to advertise their drugs on TV, etc — cool commercials = desirable drugs.

          • Exactly and I completely agree!! Those Gardasil commercials make girls think their lives are going to improve with that shot!! A Medical Professional is the only person who should be prescribing anything to us. Promoting pills and vaccines on tv is completely unethical imo.

  4. Live in a Sunny climate.

    • I agree, but cannot figure out why Australia has even MORE folks on anti-Ds.

      • very interesting but not funny

      • Because they have VERY strict Cannabis laws there. Certain strains of Cannabis are very good anti-depressants, others are great anti-anxiety aids. You cannot buy a man-made pill that can do as much as safely as Cannabis. Google it …. 0 deaths ever!

        • The real reason they don’t make marijuana legal is unlike other mood altering methods, it is much more difficult to cartel, tax and control marijuana. Its about our slave master governments controlling us.

          Its why so many more die of liver failure and booze, yet so few die from marijuana, booze is easier for governemtn to cartel, tax and control.

          Logic and whats best for the people never enter the equations with government policy. Government policy is about taxes and control….nothing else matters much to Ottawa. I don’t judge Ottawa by the talk, I judge them on how they walk.

          Yep, government wants us to use man made chemical drugs of their buddies and not the natural inexpensive ones.

  5. Canada is high for several reasons. We are a negative value tax inflated economy of debt, leaving more people with poorer futures. Have many that don’t work at all, give them Oxycontin so they don’t protest. Get CRA on your case, anxiety goes nuts as you know they are out to screw you over for their mistakes. Loaded and over subscribed with personal debt many have become slaves to jobs they don’t like, just to come home to see bills and higher prices. Can’t afford kids as too much debt and taxes, too busy supporting Ottawa kids….to have our own.

    Think, 5 years ago we ranked 18, not 3 or 4. Gotta keep people doped up to be happy in this this economic environment. As being in a “talk” self help disabled group, you realize organizers will shut it down if you talk of real issues “government” doesn’t want to hear.

    Modern society isn’t working for everyone, so drug them up and be happy. Just be sure to use a governemtn licensed drug pusher and drugs from Ottawa/province sanctioned buddies so they don’t arrest you. Personally, although I don’t use, natural marijuana worked for 1000s of years with natives, it is a better choice but politicians buddies don’t get a cut of the action so its illegal.