Infographic: The 30 brands Canadians respect the most

…and how their ranking compares to previous years


Does Google give you the warm fuzzies?

Whether you adore or abhor the tech behemoth, the 2013 Marketing/Leger Corporate Reputation Survey has determined that Google is the brand that Canadians most respect (followed immediately by Heinz, the maker of Alpha-Getti. Yum!).

Check out the top 30 brands with the best reputations (according to Canadians) in the graphic below—do any surprise you? Is your corporation of choice on the list? (If you’re desperately searching for your beloved brand (iGeeks, I’m talking to you), you can find the entire list of 100 at this link.)



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Infographic: The 30 brands Canadians respect the most

  1. Nestle?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess third world babies are an acceptable cost of doing business to most people.

  2. Something seems wrong with this. Google is number one and Microsoft is number 15, but no Apple? How did Kijiji make it but not Apple. I’m not an Apple fan, but certainly more people know/trust Apple than Kijiji.

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