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Got a question for tomorrow’s Mailbag? Put it in the comments below, email it to scott.feschuk@macleans.rogers.com or think it really, really hard. Harder!

Hang on. In my mind I’m seeing the image of a pretzel. Is your question about pretzels?? What on earth could you possibly want to know ab—

Oh, wait, I’m eating pretzels.

Think harder!!

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Insert Mailbag queries here

  1. Dear Mr. Feschuk,

    Why has no one posted a question here in over an hour? Are they filling up your inbox with questions about your political aspirations or their failing relationships? Surely they're not working, right? Or are they all living in fear about that big blowup from a negative feedback score?

    Your friend in fear,
    The Enquirer

  2. Since the three holes in a pretzel are supposed to represent the Christian Trinity, would eating a stick pretzel constitute an act of blasphemy?

  3. My question requires a bit of a history lesson in groundhogs.
    Since the people of Wiarton Ontario first discovered that their town groundhog could predict the end of winter, Canada has had 18 federal general elections.
    Nine of those elections have occurred in shadow seeing years and nine have been in non-shadow seeing years. Conservative parties have won four elections during shadow years and four during non-shadow seeing years. The Liberal Party has won five during shadow years and five during non-shadow seeing years.
    This morning Willie saw his shadow so my question based on that is…Will there be an election this year and if so who will win it?

  4. The grammys were on the weekend but there was hardly any mention of them on the Macleans blogs. As I received no TV Guidance from Weinman and no insight into the famous from you. I was basically left to form my own opinion on what I saw: I thought Ryan Seacrest was amazing and intelligent and the stars he interviewed seemed insightful and down to earth. The Lady Elton performance seemed revolutionary and I couldn't decide who was sexier. Pink was incredibly tasteful and her voice was only matched by the supremely talented and grounbreaking Beyonce. Who knew she was a fan of Alanis? Awesome!
    I also kept looking at the clock and dreading that the show had to end.
    Is this a normal reaction to the Grammys? Am I wrong in idolizing these incredible stars?
    Soy Bomb

  5. Since destiny doesn't train hard, get past guys or remember, what does destiny do? Does it write your blogs, Mr. Feschuk?

  6. Dear Scott,

    Who put the bomp in the bomp-bah-bomp-bah-bomp?

    Many thanks,

  7. Dear Scott,

    As I am home today and flipping through TV channels, I realize I would like to know why CBC afternoon talk show hosts Steven & Chris are orange. Not Orangemen, just physically orange. Lest I be accused of homophobia, I will disclose I am on that team myself so harbour no ill will toward them. However, I am not orange, so it's not a "team" trait. I remain as pasty as my Irish forebears. Perhaps as I am not fabulous, an answer lies therein? Is there is a correlation between orangeness and fabulousness? What gives?
    Pale as blancmange

    • Perhaps they've spent some time at the Jersey Shore recently.

      • LOL– Snooki, I didn't know you were a Macleans reader!

  8. Feschuk:

    Cats, deep fried or sauteed?

    A cat lover who finds them very very delicious,

  9. 2nd Question Feschuk:

    Being on the wet coast and rather close to the Olympic Flame I am getting rather grumpy at the 2010 Vanoc hype. Enough already! I can only get so excited before I burst a vein. Do the Olympics excite you in windswept, cold and snowy eastern Canada?

    Sunny and warm on the lower mainland,


  10. Dear Mr. Feschuk,

    Why is it so important to wash your socks in beer? Whither Canada?


    Jack Mitchell

  11. Dear Scott,

    Do you have a favourite Winter Olympic sporting event? Is there an event you would like to see added to the spectacle?

  12. Dear Scott,

    As an avid follower of Kirstie Alley's tweets I've noticed that she's in a bitter twitter war with Joy Behar. Kirstie called her "a self righteous cooz head" and said "CHEATING is between a husband and wife. Not TMZ and Joy Bewhore…God, I want to bash her in the v*gina with her microphone". Apparently, Tiger Woods is tied up in all this somehow.

    Who is in the right here, and why?

    Yours very sincerely,

  13. Dear Scott,

    Where's my elephant? Where's my elephant? Where's my elephant? Where's my elephant?

  14. Dear Mr. Feschuk, how about them Senators in Ottawa?

    Sincerely, J-to-the-A-MC

  15. Scott,
    Wherry's writing about American Idol, and presumably has to watch it to do so. Did he tell Coyne he didn't like proportional representation or something? What gives?

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