Inspired by Shark Week, an infographic of all the things that can kill you -

Inspired by Shark Week, an infographic of all the things that can kill you

What are you afraid of? All the wrong things


Go on.
What are you afraid of?
Click on the image below to discover the things that really ought to keep you up at night:

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Inspired by Shark Week, an infographic of all the things that can kill you

  1. Most of these stuff are political, material or just plain phobias.

    Nobody isn’t afraid of the Lord coming on Judgement Day? This sicko school curriculum is teaching blasphemy to the students no one fears God anymore. Someone has been mocking Jesus Christ and praising Satan, but the day of the Lord is inevitable and he shall choose those for heaven and send the sinners to some place other than heaven.

    • Why would anyone still believe in bronze age fairy tales??

      • The belief in the Rapture doesn’t start in the bronze age – it’s much more recent than that. The Last Judgement has it’s roots in the Bible (probably written 100-200 CE), long after the Bronze Age, which ended between 1200 and 600 BCE (Europe being the last to the Iron Age).

        Get your facts straight when you’re being condescending.

        • Religion….belief in a deity and various fanciful stories…were goat-herder’s tales in the Bronze Age.

          Revelations was written by John of Patmos who was drugged out….around 100 CE

          Which bible? The old or the new testament? One is Jewish, the other Christian.

          What….you’re concerned I don’t have all the details of your myth down pat? LOL

    • The comment boards at MacLeans have gotten nuttier and nuttier over the past few months. People’s Exhibit A.

      • Its far worse over at CBC and National Post.

    • Where to start?
      – Should be “Nobody is afraid of the Lord coming on Judgement Day?”
      – Should be “This sicko school curriculum is teaching blasphemy. No one fears God anymore.”
      – Who is someone? Is this supposed to be plural – if it’s just one person, how influential is their mockery?
      – When referring to God, general Christian usage capitalizes “he”
      – Being oblique is cute, but is jarring in tone compared to the rest of your comment. Be clear – sinners are sent to Hell.
      Never mind that all of these ways of being killed that people are afraid of to various degrees are all material. Never mind that anything that kills a person will be political. Never mind that stuff is singular. Your comment is so poorly written you appear to be a parody of a conservative Christian.

      • Thank you Grammarian….now do you think you could quit with the gold star distribution, and look at the superstition presented?

        Focus on the education level, not the form.

        • How can you parse the intent behind their post when it is so poorly written? The medium, as McLuhan said, is the message. (Well, he phrased it cutely as “mass-age” I think, but the aphorism as generally understood still stands) What kind of superstition are they even espousing?

          • Nobody else had a problem understanding it.

          • Actually, EmilyOne, it made no sense to me either. I had to make several assumptions about what I thought Apostle might have intended by his or her comment, as did nomoremicrophones, so I think the McLuhan reference is perfectly fair.

          • You guys must have been taught the ‘look-say’ method.

          • I don’t know what the ‘look-say’ method is, but I did teach English long enough to have noticed that readers tend to see what they want to see when the writer’s message has been obfuscated by poor use of language. Have a nice day.

          • If you don’t recognize ‘look-say’ you didn’t teach English.

          • I don’t understand why you are trying to pick a fight with me so I won’t reply again, but just fyi, I have two degrees in English and I taught grades 8 to 12 English for thirty years. Perhaps the term “look-say” is specific to a geographical location or elementary grade level that I am not familiar with.

          • Oh EmilyOne., stop being a pill.

          • Exactly what I was saying to 9877777066665888843222me

    • Which God is that? The BIG Y? Allah? Zeus? Shiva? Something from outer space in a Von Däniken chariot or DeLorean time machine?

    • oh my God…is he coming?! Oohhh…what to do?! Where to go?! Where will the judgment day have place?? Can i bring a lawyer!!

    • Me, I am a athiest. I was agnostic but with inteligence I dispelled superstitons some time ago.

      As long as I can look at my face in the mirror each morning, I do not need religion as a crutch.

  2. Hit by “lightening”? What exactly is being lightened?

  3. Do one out of every 158 Canadians really die by “falling to death”? That seems awfully high to me. I assume it includes elderly people who fall on, for example, the stairs and then later die of their injuries.

    • Just a quick note, the data is from the US, so not specifically Canadians. And I think your assumptions about type of falls seem correct. I can’t imagine there are that many people falling from significant heights.

      • A fall from 6 feet can easily kill a person.

  4. Also, 1 in 749 are killed by Pedestrian. Who is Pedestrian? What is Pedestrian? Why are they so lethal?!!

      • Maybe the US pedestrian had a gun.

  5. Like most stats in the media, these seem to be unqualified and on unequal footing. e.g. cycling deaths are 1 in 5000, but is that for the general population or for cyclists?

  6. IT is interesting to look at. Obviously, some inferences can be made. For example, the “terrorism” fear, as expected, it wildly out-of-whack. “Our” highest fear, yet painfully unlikely scenario. Only question I have is, why is it further left on the graph than shark attack?

    However, some stats require interpretation. For example, while a randomly selected person may be roughly 9 times more likely to die in a car accident than a motorcycle accident, I assure you, a motorcyclist who drives as much as an average car/truck drive is FAR more likely to be killed. The ratio is only lower because motorcyclists make up such a small percentage of drivers you’ll meet on the road any give day, far less than 1 in 9. I suspect a lot of moterbikers list it as a fear, and it would be a quite realistic one.

    One another point, while it may be possible to choke to death on food, I would point out there is little reason to “worry” about that. We simply must eat. It makes little sense to worry we might die while performing tasks necessary to maintain life! :)

  7. This must be one of the absolute worst infographics I have ever seen on a respectable website

  8. I didn’t see it in above, but you are about 45 times more likely to die from Box Jellyfish and poisonous jelly fish than a shark. Yep, more people die and get sick from jellyfish than sharks. But we love fear….get the fear riled up, out with sanity and people will side with strange ideas.

  9. You are 45 times more likely to die from a Box Jellyfish than a shark. Huge myths about sharks being the most dangerous.