Instead of cap-and-trade, "cap-and-dividend" -

Instead of cap-and-trade, “cap-and-dividend”


As attention on Capitol Hill shifts to the crafting of energy legislation, two US senators make the case for an alternative regime of “cap and dividend” in today’s Washington Post.  Also, Robert Reich speculated about the possibility that Obama is plotting a back-room deal to tax carbon. Ezra Klein had already raised doubts about the likelihood of such a scenario earlier this week.

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Instead of cap-and-trade, “cap-and-dividend”

  1. Good catch Luiza! I love Reich. Between him and Paul Krugman – they are the only folks to be able to consistently box George Will in on ABC's This Week Sunday Show.

  2. Obama wants to destroy America. Obama is secretly a Muslim. Obama is not an American-born citizen.

    Those are three of the slanders used against Obama. Since his election, I would have to think all of those are appearing to be more likely to be true than false. It just doesn't all seem so far-fetched anymore.