Iranian-Canadians fear Canada is becoming refuge for Iranian regime-linked officials


An impressive list of Iranian-Canadians, including top scholars, has penned a letter to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney expressing their concerns about the number of Islamic Republic regime-linked individuals who are setting up camp in Canada. Most notable of late has been Mahmoud Reza Khavari, who until recently helped run an Iranian state-owned bank that has been blacklisted by the United Nations Security Council for allegedly funding Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He’s now believed to be living in his three-million-dollar Bridle Path home.

“For years members of the Iranian-Canadian community have been concerned that high ranking members of the Islamic Republic of Iran and their relatives are securing residency status in Canada and funnelling their investments to this country. Our expressions of concern to various Members of Parliament are seldom given proper due, and are generally dismissed with mere suggestions that we proceed to inform Canadian authorities of any individuals with ties to the Government of Islamic Republic.”


“Turning a blind eye or failure to act by the Canadian Government with respect to Mr. Khavari would send a signal to other high ranking members and Government functionaries of the Islamic Republic of IRan that Canada represents a safe haven to which they may escape with impunity. Moreover, a display of moral clarity and vigilance by the Canadian Government will deter international figures with sullied associations from arriving on our shores.”

Here’s the letter and petition in full.


Iranian-Canadians fear Canada is becoming refuge for Iranian regime-linked officials

  1. And those Iranian-Canadians are descendants of supporters of which toppled Iranian regime??

    Hints: Watch movies by Run Run Shaw, available on Shaw Cable, while you are enjoying your lifestyle on Carpets by Shaw.  

    Canada is a hotel.  It isn’t up to you who your neighbours for the night end up being.  Hey, you can always check out.  

  2. Canada sells it’s passport, it doesn’t matter who buy it! Terrorists, suicide bombers or people they themselves allegedly put sanctions on them! Khavari has a 3million $$$ home in Toronto, he has contributed enough money! (out of poor Iranians pocket) to be accepted in that community!!!
    no more place to bargain!

  3. Good for the Iranian-Canadians.  Iran has become so corrupt with all the power struggles going on and many rats are jumping ship.   We probably cannot deport Khavari as Iran has promised to execute anyone caught for fraud.   Typical that these scumbags that steal from their own people would take advantage of Canada as a safe haven. 
    “A $2.6 billion financial fraud that has shaken the government of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saw the heads of three of the country’s banks ousted on Tuesday as lawmakers threaten to impeach the economy minister.The biggest fraud in the 32-year history of the Islamic Republic could result in the death penalty for anyone found guilty of it and has become part of an increasingly ugly split in the conservative elite that runs Iran.”
    “Among those linked to the scandal are some of Iran’s leading politicians, including Ahmadinejad, his opponents have charged. Cabinet ministers, former Revolutionary Guard Corps commanders and the head of the Central Bank are publicly blaming one another for losing billions of dollars to Khosravi, who allegedly built his steel and railroad business empire through his connections with the government.
    The banking scandal was brought to light by the intelligence minister, Heidar Moslehi, a Shiite cleric who was forced by Ahmadinejad to resign in April but was then reinstated by the supreme leader. According to the Javan newspaper, which is linked to the Revolutionary Guards, Ahmadinejad’s attempt to fire Moslehi was triggered by an investigation into the embezzlement.
    “They wanted to plunder the public treasury,” the newspaper wrote, charging that the group close to Ahmadinejad had been planning to use the money to finance a takeover of Iran’s political system. “Their objective [for firing the intelligence minister] was to destroy the documents related to the embezzlement.”

  4. I think we should all blame CIC for the lousy job they are doing approving anyone without really doing their in-dept background check. I am an ex-iranian and I know many many many people who have never been in Canada for more than 3 months but they have their Canadian Passport. People like Khavari have no value and dignity. BUT he is not to blame, there are many other ones living here and probably reading this comment right now who don’t deserve to be called Canadian. and CIC is the only organization to blame. These people are way too smart to be identified. They make up documents, they buy fake university degrees, etc. They have mastered Photoshop!!! I hate all these fake and fraud people who come here and make us hardworking immigrants look bad.

    Gotta get back to my $10.25/h work before I get laid off…

  5. Beside the whole issue discussed here, I am surprised he has been granted citizenship, without spending 3  full years in Canada. As the highest ranking official of Iran’s major government bank, he has never left the office for more than 4 weeks, in a period of 6 months. How come in 4 years (since 2001 that he became permanent resident till 2005 that he became citizen) he could have accumulated three full years in Canada, while being in Iran most of the time (busy with the fraud I suppose).

    This shows how Canadian government is effective!! Hands down!

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