Iran’s Green Revolution: It’s not over


Disturbing footage and solid analysis from the BBC.


Iran’s Green Revolution: It’s not over

  1. A coward, that policeman hitting a woman on the head with his baton. A coward, that government resorting to brutality to impose its will.

  2. Hello
    I have checked that video which you have given.Yes this is truly very disturbing footage.I could not even watch that whole video.I have no words to say about this.Thank you very much for sharing this video with us.

  3. I agree with Jean C, it is pretty cowardly to be hitting women over the head with batons and other objects. Regime must think it is on shaky ground if it has to harass women.

    Michael – M Rubin had a post up the other day at The Corner that mentioned Iranians are chanting "Obama, either us or them!", "Ahmadinejad is a murderer and negotiations with him are null and void" and "O Obama! Remember, Ahmadinejad is a murderer". Do you think Obama is listening? Does he care? Or is all about negotiations with mullahs and protesters can go hang for all Obama cares.

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