Maziar Bahari and Iran's Press TV -

Maziar Bahari and Iran’s Press TV


Press TV, an English-language TV station based in London that functions as a propaganda arm of Iran’s foreign ministry, may soon lose its British licence after broadcasting a forced “confession” by Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari while he was jailed in Tehran’s notrious Evin Prison.

Bahari was detained during protests that broke out following rigged presidential elections in June 2009 and falsely accused of spying for the CIA, MI6, and Mossad. He has since been released.

Press TV, meanwhile, regularly reports form Canada. A recent dispatch covered Ottawa’s Tulip Festival.

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Maziar Bahari and Iran’s Press TV

  1. If it is widely recognized as a propaganda arm of the Iranian regime, why does it even have a licence now?

  2. Off topic: MP, is there any word on where the case of the refugee from Liberia is at? The guy who helped nail Taylor. Sorry but his name wont come right now, although i remember the details well. I contacted JT, who assured me he would follow up…but i guess it’s no longer his job now?
    Took a look at your last post[ slow thinker me] So the Reeves case is under appeal now? And the minister did interfere…Quelle surprise eh!