Is the "tan tax" racist? -

Is the “tan tax” racist?


Sometimes, I think I’m reading The Onion when I’m really not.

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Is the “tan tax” racist?

  1. This must be a depressing era for comedians. The real news is outdoing them.

  2. I have not heard of this issue before just now but I am guessing right-wing types are just taking the piss. When right wing types say things like tan tax is racist, they are just parroting the left and its level of argument and are probably not all that serious.

    • The white-wing is never serious.

  3. Sad comedy but an outright end to promoting tanning would be healthier. That and some of those orange tans are freakishly artificial.

  4. Well, certainly when you tax something that can be used only by white people, there is an element of racism. Racism means treating people of different races differently, and certainly this applies.

    This is one reason why the government should not be singling out specific industries, there are always winners and losers when that happens. This is something that also disproportionately affects northerners, who need tanning salons more than their southern counterparts if they wish to have a tan.

    It's really quite bizarre that the government chose to tax this one product. They deserve all the criticism they get.