Islamism's growing strength in Britain -

Islamism’s growing strength in Britain


A confidential briefing paper for the British government, prepared by a Muslim “counter-extremism” think tank has identified a large number of mosques and Muslim organizations in Britain — especially those that seek to partner with local and national governments — as sharing the same Islamist ideology as al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

“Whilst only a small proportion will agree with al-Qaeda’s tactics, many will agree with their overall goal of creating a single ‘Islamic state’ which would bring together all Muslims around the world under a single government and then impose on them a single interpretation of shari’ah as state law,” the Quilliam Foundation report warns. “Local and central governments should be war of engagement with these groups as it risks empowering proponents of the ideology, if not the methodology, that is behind terrorism.”

Here’s the Guardian’s take.

I profiled one of the founders of the Quilliam Foundation here.

I wrote a more in-depth report on Islam and Islamism in Britain — including some of the groups discussed in the Quilliam Foundation’s report — here.


Islamism’s growing strength in Britain

  1. Thanks for posting this.

    Many commenters on these comment boards are in serious need of remedial reading on this topic.

  2. The Islamic Republik Of Britain.

  3. So we have members of an ethnic group informing on other members of an ethnic group not about any specific illegal activity, but about their ideologies not meeting with state approval?

  4. And if our politicians don't wake up and take action, we'll be talking about the "Islamic Repuclic of Canada". Seriously!

  5. (Stupid error) And if our politicians don't wake and take action, we'll be talking about the "Islamic Republic of Canada". Seriously!

    • Seriously! At 2% of the population, they're just a hair's breadth away from taking over. Head for the hills!!!!

    • Being a Canadian, I agree with you.
      What should we do to stop this…..I am serious, if anyone has any ideas, please expose them.


      • Islam is an idea, so I suppose we could bring in the Thought Police, and return to the Inquisition.


        • But further down the thread you accuse racism for criticizing Islam accurately. An "idea" is not a "race."

          Call a friend for help.

  6. A burka ban will solve all this, right?

    • In of itself, no. But it would be a step in the right direction.

  7. Sadly, many Canadians will refuse to believe the contents of the report or naively label it as 'racist'.

    My husband's family is Muslim and they are absolutely peace loving.

    But here is reality – they would vote in a Muslim government if they could. Or at least a government that would favour Islamic law. Islam is both theology and a how to guide on running a state. Thus, they must live under the law of Islam – why do you think that almost every Islamic state, even the most moderate ones, has a set of rules for Muslims (if not for everybody)?

    So yes, in that sense, perfectly peace-loving Muslims do harbour the exact same goals that terrorists do. The INTERPRETATION or ADHERENCE to the rules might vary amongst members (hence, the APPEARANCE of 'different religions' as some ignorant commenter posted). They do not strive for violence, but merely, to live under Islamic law.

    But no matter how moderate the Islamic view a Muslim may take, that is one law I absolutely refuse to live under.

    Canadians be warned.

    • And many Christians would vote in a fundamentalist government if THEY could. And we don't ask them to rat out each other.

      • I don't think you have a point. In the past, the majority of Canadians were Christians and, hence, we have a democratic government which allows equal treatment of non-believers and other religions. Take a look around you; Christianity and democracy seem to go hand in hand.

        • Seem to go hand in hand because of a lucky set of circumstances where the enlightenment and reformation came along and posited you could be Christian and still believe that humans can live by the rule of human-made, and not divinely-ordained, law.

    • Cons would vote in a Christian govt if they could, and the Bible is no different than the Koran in it's laws.

      Now stop talking smack about your in-laws. You married a Muslim supposedly.

      • You can vote for a Christian party. It's called the Christian Heritage party. They fielded 59 candidates, for a total of 0.19% of the popular vote (if Wikipedia is to be believed). Needless to say, no CH MPs were elected.

        • No, they're all in the Con party. They know they can't get elected as the CHP.

          • Emily, I get the impression that you'll freely and unflinchingly generalize Christians, but adamantly object to any form of generalization of Muslims.

            Am I mistaken?

          • Yes, you're mistaken. I assume everyone here knows there are all kinds of different christians…but they often don't know there are all kinds of different muslims.

            Usually when I talk about christians it's the fundie bunch I mean…SoCons, CHP, and the like. Not yer average Anglican or whatever.

          • Mike514, you are not mistaken. There is only one Islam and Muslims have been fighting for control of the cult ever since Mo died after leading his 64th "religious" campaign of slaughter, rape, pillage and looting.

            Calling even "fundamentalist" Christians murders and/or terrorists won't get you killed but you might get prayed for, not preyed on. You might call a Buddhist a terrorist a thousand times and he might, might be so frustrated that he finally self emulates in a square with enough distance that no one else gets hurt.

            We all know it's different with Islam. So does history.

          • that should be self immolate

    • iI think Sam Harris has a better take. See "The End of Faith."

  8. Right on Emily. Their divisiveness has prevented that. Only possible if they can renew a Calipate somewhere.

  9. Can't say I'm surprised, Islam is a supremacist's political ideology which mirrors Hitler's socialist ethos. The Islamists are religious/political supremacists and their beliefs are as repulsive as the Neo Nazis and other supremacist's groups. Of course the left hand wring and shout out insults but the Modern Liberal's beliefs are very similar as the Islamists one wants to force religion on us the other wants the state to control us. It's okay for Muslim Supremacists to plot a Global Caliphate according to our liberal betters yet they blather on and on about Neo Nazis. Same ugly nasty belief system just different goals, one want's a pure race and the other wants to force us to live under Pure Islam and Liberals want to rule either group. As long as the Modern Liberal achieves power they could careless if the Islamists plot our demise, power is the Modern Left's mantra how they achieve it doesn't really matter.

    • What??

      Get thee to a library!

    • Hey MacLean's editorial board: this is what happens when you run Mark Steyn. I know the mouse-clicks of delusional freak shows are just as marketable as the mouse-clicks of ordinary citizens, but have you no pride in your product?

  10. [youtube 6-3X5hIFXYU youtube]

    Though this video is somewhat amateur, it has some really good points. I love day dreaming about Canada being a peaceful country for the next sixty years of my life. But the truth is, as our resources diminish so will the love and order we all cherish so much. I don't think it's only Muslims we should be worried about… It's people as a whole. Time to start locking up the flood gates and let the population grow from within the country. Land of the Free…. Not for long. $20 for a bottle of water in a few decades. Think religion will matter at that point? Every person for themselves. Have a great weekend

    • Please don't post hoax videos.

      The world is globalizing, not tribalizing…deal with it.

      • You really are trying hard to misunderstand Islam aren't you? Sadly, no matter how hard you try, Islam will not change to suit you.

        Is this really how you want to make use of your freedom … to shill for that which will promptly take it away and to argue for an ideology that considers you, a woman, half as valuable, in every possible way, than a man?

        Your dhimmitude is breathtaking. Soon you'll behead of the class.

        • Like I said, the video is a hoax that was debunked long time ago.

          Stop buying into the crap written about Islam by dingbats on the web.

          • Some of those "dingbats" include Bukari and Muslim. You know who they are … right? Khomeini has lots to say about Islam too, as does the Imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Ever been brave enough to listen to a so-called "Palestinian" imam in a Friday sermon? All on the web, huh! Is this some of the "crap written about Islam" that you speak of? If so, I think we can agree that it's "crap."

            Clearly, you haven't done any historical research, reading, thinking (you might be Muslim for according to the UN, more books are translated in Spain every year than in the Muslim world in the past 1000 years; and as they say, 'if it's not in the Koran it's unnecessary and if it is, it's redundant.'). Without looking it up, do you know why Sikhism was created? Hint: Islam.

            Critics of Islam have 1400 years of proof for the obvious argument that Islam is not compatible with compatibility and is fundamentally intolerant of tolerance … and you have your feelings which you honestly Believe negates all that awkward historical fact stuff. You go girl!

            What "humiliates" a Muslim more than anything is when the infidel or kuffar regains the dignity previous Muslims took away from him. Look up the back story of what happened in Ayodhya, India in 1993. Now, why do you suppose conquering Muslims always insist on building their new triumphalist mosque atop the others place of worship or at the site of a key military victory (911 mosque anyone?)?

            An army in the theatre of war has the death penalty for going AWOL: leaving. Islam has the death penalty for apostasy: leaving. No other religion has such a penalty for apostates.

            But, I'm obviously wrong since kind Muslims have targeted me with a small fatwa, my family (yeah, kids too), business and tried to blackmail all my clients in order for me to correct my view. I can't wait to tell those obtuse misunderstanders of Islam (jihadists) to "stop buying into the crap written about Islam by dingbats on the web."

            Thanks. We'll surely laugh my head right off.

          • I said stop repeating dingbat trash from the web, and your own absurd paranoia.

            We have medicine for this kind of delusion. Use it.

  11. Got it covered.

    -Water pack

    How to survive the apocalypse..

  12. Sad to say, but it's already happening in Canadian Universities and in our society.

  13. Prof. Paul Eidelberg is the president of the Yamin Israel Party. They merged with the Jewish National Front. He can't get elected even in Israel which has a sizeable Orthodox population.

    If you want to read hair-raising stuff, try the Old Testament.

    • Ok, you so don't know anything at all about Islam except what you're willing to embrace for the sake of suicidal multicultural posturing. The comforting, scriptural deception of al taqiyya is what you strongly prefer which matches a lack intellectual curiosity; a common trait amongst Western apologists of Islam. No upset apple carts for you!

      For your own sake, can you point to a map and tell us where Dar al Harb is, after of course finding out what Dar al Harb is? Any global map will do.

      • LOL I learned about Islam probably before you were born.

        Enough with the silly fear-mongering and racism

        • You have only demonstrated a profoundly Leftarded ignorance of Islam and done so quite convincingly. You have provided no counter argument for there are none you could provide that undoes actual, chronological history, the biographies of Mo, the Koran, Sira and Hadiths or the testimony of apostates that have broken free.

          The only *sort of correct* thing you've said on this thread is that "Islam is an idea." It is much more. It is a whole life ideology, encompassing all aspects of daily life and especially concerning the life, or death, of the infidel, kuffar and non-believer, y'know, the sons of apes and pigs.

          Therefore, as Islam is an imperialist idea or ideology, Islam is not a race. Rinse and repeat: Islam is not a race. Anyone can become a Muslim but no one can ever leave. It's the Hotel California of "religions."

          One could make the argument that Islam is Arab racism towards all "unclean" others.

          Anyhow, enough with your dawa; you fool no one who isn't already fooling themselves about Islam.

          • You have no idea what you're talking about, you're just being delusional and quoting other nutbars.

            It's the weekend…find something else to do.

          • You must be a "modern" student since you lack the ability to respond with substance except with how you feel about facts coz you really do Believe your feelings about facts trump the facts themselves. You have no facts or knowledge and cry "racist" whenever you need to bail on thinking.

            It's the jihad … core to Islam. Ask the Hindu, Buddhist or Zoroastrian, Jew, Christian or Druze, Taoist, Animist or Confusion.

            Take the weekend to begin to stop embarrassing yourself.

          • Off you go…

          • Emily; I hope you can enjoy the feeling of wearing a black burqa on a hot summer day when the Ottomon Empire 2.0 gets revived thanks to our own lack of diligence.

          • There is no point in arguing with Emily because she is in denial.

            I find it appalling how some people insist on closing their eyes and repeating the politically correct and appealing things that they have been told about Islam because it is the 'liberal' way.

            Your statements are actually extremely true – especially "Anyone can become a Muslim but no one can ever leave". My husband constantly fears death threats.

            But according to people like Emily, this is a moot point – it's the extremists. Can you imagine her reaction if it was an ex-Christian fearing death due to Christian extremists?

            This is what makes me mad and I find so hypocritical. Why is it ok for my husband to live in fear because of 'political correctness' or the 'embracing of other cultures'?

            Stupidity is what it is. This is why it really isn't worth having a dialogue with her.

        • Emily,

          What race are muslims?

          You said ‘racist’… You are ignorant

          • They are semitic in the ME usually. Same as Jews.

          • Antisemitism was coined by Wilhelm Marr in Germany, in the late 1880's to describe Jew hatred. Antisemitism has nothing to do with Arabs and not all Arabs are Muslim.

            That which is expressed by Islam towards Jews is no less antisemitic than the tracts produced by the Nazis. Jew hatred in Islam is core (the sons of apes and pigs) and should one care to look up Haj al-Amin Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, they'd find Hitler's welcome accomplice and the father of so-called "Palestinian" nationalism. They also find the propagandist responsible for spreading lies about the Jews and calling for the abandonment of homes (the "refugees") to make way for the coming Arab armies to "drive the Jews into the sea."

          • Arabs are also semites.

            You are using words and concepts you don't understand.

          • My eyes are sore from rolling.

            I never said Arabs weren't Semites. Antisemitism, however, is Jew hatred and Islam, starting with Mo's expulsion of Jews from the Arabian peninsula and continuing to this day, take a back seat to no one in being antisemitic.

            The only thing you've repeatedly demonstrated, and not only to me, is that you cannot defend your blithe, dismissive statements with a single solid counter point.

            Van Grungy isn't the only one getting a few laughs here.

          • Emily,

            You have a focused worldview it seems

            How did anybody but the original arabs become muslim?

            what race are muslims?

            Oh please answer again, I like laughing

          • ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • Deeply witty. But did you realize you just made a picture of Mo?

  14. First of all, kudos to Petrou for daring to write about Islamism at all. Highly politically incorrect.

    On to the issue itself, three thoughts:

    (1) The best way to defeat bad ideas is with good ones. Unfortunately the dominant ideology in Britain is social leftism….which, in my view, doesn't have much intellectual heft. Even if it did, it self-eliminates over time because its adherents tend not to reproduce at replacement rates. In short, Islam will win that battle of ideas either by exposing leftism for the nonsense that it is or by sheer mathematics over time.

    (2) In general I favour open immigration (other than for criminals) on the theory that we can use every pair of hands we can get. However, we live in a society founded on the belief that certain rights (including freedom of religion) are inalienable. When people who don't buy this premise flock to join our society, there is a distinct risk that with sufficient numbers they can wield enough legislative power to actually eliminate the bedrock constitutional principles we rely on…and then turn the society into a tyranny.

    Now, I'm not convinced that Islam necessarily tends in that direction, but the possibility certainly exists and it doesn't seem to be as absurd as some would make it out to be. If it is a real possibility then (2) is a real conundrum.

    (3) The whole thing may be somewhat moot anyway. We (and Britain is ahead of us in terms of this "progress") have already dismantled much of the bedrock on which our concept of inalienable rights is built. For if there is no higher authority than the state, then no rights are "inalienable". In fact they aren't rights at all: just privileges granted by the power of the day. It's rule of the jungle, in other words. Might makes right. People in our society tend to still think they believe in fundamental rights, but when you get right down to it they have no basis for this other than vague feelings or ingrained mantras.

    Therefore whether Islamism takes over may not matter in the end – we are already being taken over by secularism, and it is only a matter of time before rights such as free speech and freedom of religion are trampled (as indeed has already started) if we (and Britain) remain on our current course.

    • Interesting points raised.

      One thing. Secularism has no way of defending itself since multiculturalism has been grafted to it without the ability to use common sense and discriminate between good and bad cultures. As it is, Islam has gained tremendous inroads into the fabric of secular society and as is the aim of the Muslim Brotherhood, to destroy us from within.

      Secularism has produced graduates with high self-esteem and no critical thinking skills, knowledge of history or any idea of the responsibility inherent in maintaining a free society. The embedding of Shari'a law into Western culture is like offering our women to the volcano god, and it is astonishing that no feminists are at all concerned about the plight of women under Shari'a, as if it won't one day be compliant on them to conform to their "natural" status within Islam as booty or mere property, so as to not "inflame" or "offend" those who will be empowered by the enforcement of Shari'a.

    • The words "thoughts" and "distinct" were used far too hastily in this

      Remember, rationalism (what the poster blindly calls leftism) defeated exremist Christianity and extreme rightism. "Islamism" (??) won't present much of a challenge.

      • Rationalism and leftism are hardly synonymous.

        Heck, continental idealism is the closest, and that's not very rational at all.

  15. Anyone else notice that the Jews aren’t being blamed for 9/11 anymore?

    A political sharia outpost ON a ground zero site (airplane landing gear hit the building)

    Btw… Since the proposed “cultual center” (sharia base) is not JUST a masjid, ANY 1st amendment arguement goes out the window.

    Besides that, the word worship does not mean build a ‘barracks’ anywhere.

    Btbtw. Geert wilders will be at the protest on the 9/11 anniversary in new york against the cordoba masjid.

    Yay. Go Geert go!!!

    • They never were.

      And a cultural center, open to everyone, 2 blocks away with sex shops even closer is not any takeover of 'civilization as we know it'

      • Gosh, Emily, never heard of the "Zionist plot" to make America do the lackey bidding of Israel? It's all over the Muslim world press, such as it is.

        No "cultural centre" has a mosque for praying the same "Allahu Akbar" their coreligionists yelled as they killed 3000 people 600 ft away. They'll be saying the same "Allahu Akbar" that Major Hassan yelled as he murdered at Fort Hood. Islam is Islam.

        As Steyn once said, "Allahu Akbar is Arabic for nothing to see here."

        This is a war FOR civilization, not merely a war of civilization.

        • There are lots of conspiracy theories.

          You appear to know all of them.

          Fortunately for the world, you're talking hokum.

          You couldn't operate your computer without an Arablic invention….now go do TGIF elsewhere

          • You must mean the concept of "zero" that Muslims stole from the Hindus.

            All that Islam has given the world was the "religious" Crusade. Everything else they appropriated from those they conquered by argument of sword.

          • Ah please, Allahu akbar is merely a religious meme. As you know, it means Allah is the greatest. You could compare it to the many times in the Bible where God is said to be Almighty, that's it. Yes, it's used by islamists, but it's also used by all muslims, and there's nothing special about it. God, remember the Green revolution movement in Iran? They screamed Allahu akbar over Tehran's rooftops as a protest against Iran's theocracy.

          • You could compare it but it would be mightily incorrect and misleading. The G-d of the Torah is not Allah in any way, shape or form.

            Maybe the Green revolution should find something new to scream from the rooftops, eh?

  16. I’m pretty sure now that this Emily character is a front for some OIC loving muslim who hasn’t the slightest clue about defending islam and mo/allah with words and facts. Gotta love the al-taqiyya though. The last person you would want to learn about islam from is a muslim. Mo/allah commanded muslim to keep their qu’ran out of infidel nations. Mo/allah was smart enough to know that the handbook of hate translated would allow the infidels to defeat the muslim hoards by knowing that they lie to your face, all the while they want to take your place…. The backstabbers (backstabbers). LOL

    • Emily could be a Muslim but she's just as likely to be a Leftard with cripple thinking abilities. No doubt also am Islamophile without knowing the first thing about Islam other than it also hates "fundi" Christians, as she does.

      She likes being lied to if it favours Islam. Odd for a woman who enjoys freedom to side with those who think her opinion is equal to that of a camel.

  17. Your comment that a" confidential briefing paper for the government .. has identified.." is misleading. It implies that this report was prepared for the government. In fact the Guardian makes clear that this was an unsolicited report prepared by a controversial organization and sent to a government official. It attacks all kinds of organizations including Scotland Yard as being parties to an Islamist agenda. You seem to be focusing a lot of attention on a small group with an agenda.

    • al Guardian, eh?

      I can fully believe it would be an "unsolicited report" because this is the last thing they would want to know.

      But I guess if you can't trust your own lying eyes, al Guardian will provide your point of view.

  18. The Gaurdian! LOL

  19. In Australia, bleeding hearts and do-gooders want to assist illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern countries. These boat people are queue jumpers, pushing ahead of those who legitimately apply for immigration. The agenda is to breed up and populate this country until, like in the UK, they get into parliament. The Westminster system may not be perfect, but it has served western democracies for a long time. Shari'ah Law serves only a patriarchal culture of cruelty towards women and fundamentalist doctrine, which cannot blend with western society.

    • There is no way that Canada should entertain any aspect of sharia law. If these people want to come to this country they better realize they have to be Canadians, not a religion that intends eventually to rule all.

  20. I think it is terrible that islamism is spreading,because these fanatics do not obey the country's laws that receive them,they do not respect woman's human rights ,they treat them like garbage and dispose of them the same way.It is not about the Coran it is ABOUT the barbaric customs they have.Turkey should not be admited into the european community because it will be the gate way for these people