it is a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of jimmy the greek: yes, they can… cover the spread


Even those who don’t enjoy American football (ie. communists) will enjoy Scott Reid’s channeling of Barack Obama to deliver the most inspirational oration ever devoted to man’s failure to overcome the cruel shackles of pigskin-based incompetence. It’s at the Couch Boys blog, which will henceforth appear on Thursdays now that Thursday night is also football night.

Which raises the question: what’s your problem, Tuesday and Wednesday?

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it is a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of jimmy the greek: yes, they can… cover the spread

  1. I was going to denounce you for your colonial mentality, how you’ve sold your soul to Uncle Sam through your endorsement of the No-Fun-League & implicit rejection of the CFL, and criticise you for adopting facile Palinesque red-baiting rhetoric…until it struck me that, in fact, YOU & Reid & all NFL-lovers are the pinko commies, given you worship a social organisation based on a perfectly equal redistribution of wealth, run with an iron fist by a Cominterm of hard grey men, their soviet puritanism applied to their subjects most basic personal freedoms, like clothing, not to mention their totalitarian propaganda machine (of which you’re a cog).

    Having already established that all NFL-lovers like yourself are the commies, the question has to be asked: Are you now or have you ever been a proud mixed-economy CFL-loving Canadian?

  2. not really, but my couch boys colleague scott reid is an actual real live toronto argonaut season ticket holder. please, extend him your condolences.

  3. Dear Citizen Reid,
    are you aware of the disreputable 6th column (1-5 were taken) company you’re keeping? Scott Feschuk is an American Communist plant!

    I salute you as a fellow Canadian Patriot, but I fear your associations reflect poorly on you – did you know “Scott” (real name: Brahmin Brahmin Feschuk or BB for short) is one of the infamous Martha Vineyard’s Feschuks who have infiltrated the controlling heights of the world economy and brought it crashing down, per Comintern instructions, as well as devastating the CFL through the coordination of a Bills` hostile takeover of Tranna, and the poor management decisions and poor play of the Argos?

    Or were you already well-aware and this was part of the Resistance plan: keep your friends close but your Feschuks even closer?

    I salute your sacrifice, sir, and feel your Argo-fan pain – though I support another franchise, I understand all too well the dark nights of a CFL fan’s soul. I have a helpful suggestion too: more quarterbacks! Why stop at 5? Like capitalism, the Argos’ failures were not because they had too much deregulated quarterback drama, but not nearly enough – go back to the old ways, where three backs would stand behind the ball and any one of the three could end up being the playmaker. To keep things proportionate, one would need 6 backups. You can make space on the roster by eliminating all kickers: from now on, the Argos always go for it on 3rd down! Fortune favours the brave. You’re welcome.



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