It is sometimes worth paying QP some attention


There is apparently some lament—from no less than the Prime Minister even— that the Liberals didn’t use Question Period this afternoon to follow up Michael Ignatieff’s announcement this morning. Funny thing is, they did.

Indeed, between Michael Ignatieff, John McCallum and Michael Savage they managed to broach the isotope shortage, wonder about the latest deficit projections, claim confusion over government spending on infrastructure and ask if the government might be interested in fixing employment insurance. They moved on then to other concerns.

Funnier thing, they’ve been asking the same sorts of things for awhile now. Months, even.

He first asked about EI reform on March 24. He first asked about delays in stimulus spending on May 12. He first asked about the deficit on May 28. And a few days later, on June 2, he got in his first question on the isotope shortage. 

Now, Mr. Ignatieff made it fairly explicit when Parliament returned in January that he would be using Question Period to ask questions to which he actually wanted answers. But this has obviously proved an abysmal failure. If Parliament survives to see the summer, Mr. Ignatieff should perhaps plan to return in the fall with a proposal that Question Period be done away with in favour of dueling press conferences.


It is sometimes worth paying QP some attention

  1. It is something to be said about the ineffectiveness of our Parliamentary system when the LPC, NDP, and BQ, who combined hold a majority of seats, are not allowed to independently audit the government books, or at least get the AG to do so on their behalf.

    Clearly QP is a useless forum to obtain these kinds of answers, and clearly the CPC for some obscure reason is allowed to BS its way through it each and every day without having to be called on it.

  2. Question period is NOT a meeting venue. It's QP with non-answers.

  3. Is anyone familiar with the history of QP's in general?
    When did it all hit the fan, so to say?
    What was QP like during Martin and Chretien times?

    • Martin times was entertaining.
      Chrétien even more because he was pro.
      Mulroney was also not that bad.

  4. QP is the best part of the day

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