it takes diff’rent strokes to move the betting line


Come join us over at the Couch Boys blog, where we’re experimenting with a radical new concept: competence. In what represents the world’s greatest unexplainable phenomenon since Clay Aiken became a father (you want me to put my what? Where?! Grossss!), Scott Reid and I both managed to go one entire weekend without being completely useless*. Will we be able to do so again? (Spoiler alert: no.) But we will be able to defame Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton and Gary Coleman. Dear Todd Bridges: You’re welcome.

* Football prognostication only. Does not apply to other aspects of life, especially the assembly of IKEA furniture.


it takes diff’rent strokes to move the betting line

  1. This post has now actually been cross-posted at the “Clay Aiken in the News” blog.

  2. Scott…you are an ass…

    Apparently you need hits on your site…and I doubt your weekends are anything but useless.
    You have no clue as to Clay Aiken, so you just find it humourous to put him down, for no other reason, than you think it’s cool.

    Well Scott, it is not cool, and shows your high school mentality. God, I am so sick of Journalists (I really don’t believe you are one of those) that write crap about people, just because.???? It’s unbelieveable. Clay is a good man, and doesn’t need to be slammed by the likes of you or anyone else, that hasn’t got a clue about this man at all. You should do half the things that he has done at an early age….And I betcha you don’t even know what they are…Pathetic…. Perhaps you could do some research before you put someone down. Just a thought!!!!

  3. No, Scott. The greatest unexplained phemonenon in the world is how you actually got employment.

  4. The sad truth is that people put other people down because it is a way to build themselves up. It makes them feel “better than”. Its a form of bullying. It is extremely mean-spirited, rude, and childish behavior (think elementary school kids on the playground picking at someone). Scott, this is exactly what you are doing, and you should be ashamed of yourself, as should everyone who chooses to behave in this way. Instead of acting like an 8 year old, maybe you should do a little research into some of the many good things Clay Aiken has done over the last 5 years. Maybe, just maybe, you will change and stand above the way you are acting now. I thank God that there are people out there like Clay Aiken, and I hope more people will choose not to act like you.

  5. – simmer down ladies, the sad truth about making fun of celebrities is not to ‘build oneself up’, but to make others laugh with the sheer hilariousness of it all.

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