It took two months of recalibrating and consulting to decide to do nothing?


For a sneak preview of this year’s budget, please consult last year’s budget.

The upcoming federal budget will contain no new spending measures or tax cuts beyond what the Harper government has announced already in its plan to stimulate the economy, says a senior government official. The budget, to be tabled on March 4, will simply implement the second year of the “economic action plan,” the stimulus package unveiled in last year’s budget, the official told reporters in a briefing Monday.

The Star finds a government official who suggests there will indeed be spending cuts, but another government official—conceivably the same one cited by Canwest—speaks only to a reduction in the rate of growth of government spending. Economists, wordsmiths and fans of financial terminology can debate the difference, if any, between those two statements.

No word yet on whether the government, entering into an era of restraint, will cut down on the number of unnamed officials it employs.


It took two months of recalibrating and consulting to decide to do nothing?

  1. But the senior official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said there will be no absolute spending cuts in the budget. Rather, the Conservatives will reduce the rate of spending growth across all government departments and agencies.

    Hmmm. No new taxes, no absolute spending cuts. I guess eliminating the deficit isn't a priority.

    • Why not? The current generation that is in power will be dead by the time the bills start coming in.

    • You don't need to cut spending or raise taxes if you're method of choice for deficit reduction is magic.

    • This isn't really a surprise, Harper has been saying for months that eliminating the deficit is not a priority.

    • It would seem that the government believes Canadians are more concerned about the financial crisis and stimulus spending than they are with balanced budgets and fiscal restraint.

      I believe we need to raise taxes and reduce spending to bring things back into balance.

      There is a Facebook group for those who believe restoring the GST to 7% is a good first step to getting our fiscal house in order: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=33061541622

  2. Well if they truly have nothing up their sleeves, Canadians will be even angrier about prorogation, so I'm sure Stevie Wonder there has something in mind.

  3. They needed a month off for this.

  4. Please Stevo, cut the per vote subsidy again and spark another Constitutional Crisis! The #CDNLEFT has learned their lessons and are ready to try a coalition again!

  5. What the?

    Okay, I'm thinking the source must be mistaken, because that's just brain-dead tactically, and to be honest, I expect Harper to, at the very least, be thinking tactically.

    To come out and say, "Nah, not gonna change anything" is only going to make people even angrier at the prorogation. Even those who were in favor of it for the recaliabration excuse won't like getting those words thrown back in their faces. If they do this, any of their remaining supporters who aren't complete hypocrites are going to feel humiliated and fooled.. and rightly so.

    The only thing I can think of is that they're taking their base as fore-granted, and trusting that the splits on the left will let them keep their minority. But the only way that works out is if they're trusting that all the Liberal voters who stayed home last time will stay home this time as well.

    To be honest, I'm baffled.

  6. Wow, I hate to speak in favour of Harper, but he came out months ago and stated that there would be no tax increases and no spending cuts to address the deficit. He went further and stated that he would allow the deficit to persist indefinitely under the assumption that the growth of the economy would eventually eliminate it. This was about the same time as Ignatieff was getting roasted for stating that the deficit should be dealt with by the current generation and not left to our children even If it MEANs RAISING TAXES. (most of you ignore the caps, conbots read only the CAPS). So Kudos to Mr. Harper for consistency.

    In terms of strategy, what can you say. He may take a hit in the polls but he got to put the squeeze on a babe (and an accomplished one at that) What the Heil, call it a wash.

    • Careful Stewart.. some around here might call you a nazi sympathizer for that last sentence.

      • Damm you caught me… I never thought I was but I admit I laughed out loud when the Führer sang the Jefferson song. (I did feel very, very bad afterward)

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