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It’s About To Appear, It’s About To Appear


Toronto Life magazine has selected “The 10 best Canadian TV shows of the past 25 years.”, with the choices arranged in “no particular order.” As a commenter on the article has already noted, the list is dominated to a large extent by shows aimed at kids (Today’s Special, Road To Avonlea) and/or teens (Degrassi). I can’t really argue with that, though, even though I might argue with some of the individual choices, since kids’ programming happens to be something Canada has traditionally been very good at not just by our own standards, but international standards. I don’t think Street Legal stands up to the best dramas from the U.S. and around the world, but Road To Avonlea at its best was as good a show of its kind (morally uplifting kids’ drama) as its equivalents from other countries.

The list also reminds me not just that Slings and Arrows was a great show  but that it was a pretty brilliant idea for a show. Canadian shows often struggle with the problem of maintaining a Canadian identity without feeling like the dreaded CanCon. By basing a show’s setting on the Stratford Festival, a Canadian institution with genuine international appeal, the show was able to feel Canadian without feeling insular.

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It’s About To Appear, It’s About To Appear

  1. I love that our programs are finally getting the recognition that is long over due ,now maybe they will stay on air longer. I watch a lot of Canadian programs because they are just plain good.This is great news it has made my tea taste better.Thanks Kathy.

  2. Here again, "Canadian" when applied to cultural products gets re-defined as "Anglo-Canadian"…

    • A very fair point.

    • Also, got watched.

      • I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you saying that no one watches television that's in French?

        You do realize that there are about 136 million people worldwide who speak French as their first language don't you? I don't know much about Quebecois t.v., but I'd be willing to bet that there are some Canadian French language television shows that had a larger audience than several of the shows above combined.