It’s Garry Shandling On DVD!


Wonderful news, even better that the whole show will be coming out as one complete-series set. (It’ll be expensive, but I doubt the whole series would come out if they released only one season.) It’s Garry Shandling’s Show was a variation on an older type of television and radio program, what somebody called the “I Me Mine” format — a show about somebody starring in a show. In Garry Shandling, done before a live audience, he played himself, and — like Jack Benny and Burns & Allen and the other old shows that influenced it — it was both a situation comedy and a show about situation comedy.

The approach of this show (and its template for how to bring a stand-up comedy act into the world of sitcoms) would influence Seinfeld a few years later, but without the fourth-wall-breaking. I think I prefer it to his more famous The Larry Sanders Show, though that deserves to have a complete DVD release too.

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It’s Garry Shandling On DVD!

  1. You can’t be serious. IGSS was the first post-modern self-reflexive sitcom — it may well have been influenced by Dick Van Dyke and Your Show of Shows, but framing it as the logical extension of those programmes grossly underestimates the innovative work Mr Shandling created — and on cable!

    IGSS was groundbreaking, but ultimately today the laughs don’t hold up well. Red Buttons in his lauded guest appearance was slinging jokes more hardy than than those in Shandling’s monologues. Larry Sanders, however, is undoubtedly among the greatest shows ever concieved, the laughs as brilliant and as fresh now as when they were first aired.

    • IGSS was the first post-modern self-reflexive sitcom

      But a lot of that, as Shandling himself acknowledged at the time, is similar to older shows like George Burns and Gracie Allen, where Burns would talk to the audience, comment on the plot, and even sometimes watch other characters on his television set, as if he were watching the show along with us. Doesn’t take anything away from IGSS, but nothing new under the sun, etc.

      • More than once in Bugs Bunny and Looney Toon cartoons too.

  2. I loved the Garry Shandling Show – especially when Tom Petty would show up. And the theme song….I can still sing the darn thing…