Ivan and Atom: Odd Couple


Strange days for Canadian auteurs. David Cronenberg is making a movie with Tom Cruise. And Atom Egoyan is making a movie for Ivan Reitman. Ivan has hired Atom to direct Chloe, a remake of a French erotic intrigue that’s now being shot in Toronto. It’s Egoyan’s first feature based on a script he didn’t write, and it’s also quite a departure for Reitman, best known as the man who gave us Ghostbusters. I wrote about this odd creative marriage in this week’s issue of Maclean’s. And I was on the set at the Windsor Arms hotel to shoot a video of our photo shoot. Here is the result:


Ivan and Atom: Odd Couple

  1. Hi Brian,

    Noticed your misfortune with concussion and then flying. I’ve just had the same experience and, cleverly, turned to the internet for info. Between Wikipedia and those experiments on Japanese mice, it made me wonder if I’d ever do joined-up writing again. Trust things are on the mend for you.



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