Jack’s Canada


Jack Layton sends the faithful home.

We will undo the legacy of neglect and inequality that the old thinking of the last three decades has left us. We ask all Canadians to join us, to imagine the Canada we will build together.

In our Canada, the unemployed get the EI benefits and the training that they need. In our Canada, First Nations, Inuit and Metis are full participants in the new economy. In our Canada, new Canadians are given help to find good jobs and they don’t have to fear, when they travel abroad, that their passports will be seized and their government will deny their identity. In our Canada, government protects citizens from the totally unfair practices of banks and credit-card companies. In our Canada, the disabled are treated with dignity and respect. In our Canada, families have access to affordable early-childhood education. In our Canada, climate change is tackled with tough limits on polluters, and a new energy economy, with technologies built here, creating jobs here, and exported to the world.

That’s the Canada we want.


Jack’s Canada

  1. Canadians have never had it so good and Layton is caterwauling about neglect and inequality. Good luck with that.

    I wonder if NDP will ever have a re-think of policies/ideas like Labour did in UK with Blair/Brown.

  2. I find it fascinating that the NDP policies drive half the country batty (give or take), but half their policies over the years have become essentially required and assumed in Canada (things like medicare, EI, womens'/LGBT's/minorities' rights, etc). The other half of their policies may be a bit dusty, though…

    • All those things you list were brought in by Liberal governments. That is the tricky point for the NDP as they get more seats by the Liberals doing poorly.