Japan Tsunami Coverage


There will be more soon. On cable news, CNN and CBC Newsworld have been covering it for a while, as has AJE and Fox News; I don’t get MSNBC but I’m told they took the longest to get any real coverage of the story. CNN currently seems to be doing the best coverage of the impact on Japan and what it will mean for other places as well, particularly the West Coast.

There’s also the international version of Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, though I’m having trouble getting the feed on my computer. Here are some clips of NHK video:



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Japan Tsunami Coverage

  1. They now have a nuclear emergency underway in Japan

    This could get a whole lot worse than the disaster it already is.

    Our west coast is also under tsunami warning, so I hope our BC posters are taking precautions.

    • Yeah! There might be a few people out there who are probably bringing coffee, snacks, and heading towards Tofino beach to watch the waves, just like what happened in many of past tsunami and storm warnings. Mother Nature can't get enough healthy doses of fear and respect from those that are just too adventurous.

      • Obviously you're not paying attention….it's hitting the American coastline now

  2. Hopefully, these video clips should humble Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich enough that they stop making their ludicrous natural disaster movies like 2012.

  3. I was actually surprised at how long it took CBC/CTV to get on the story. I was flipping back to them to try and get another perspective for about an hour from BBC/CNN coverage and they were still running canned footage while not, to my notice, even updating the ticker and getting a caster up until about 3 in the morning here.

  4. We are there with u Japan , help n prayers from all corners will help you to face the difficult time ………..dont worry …this also will pass away.

    In India we all are praying for you and soon u will receive food and all other necessary stuff from your Indian brothers….Plz have courage and dont let the hope die…..We are with you…

    We are the world we are the children ,
    we are the one who can make abrighter day,
    so lets start giving…..


    INDIA & Dr.Keerti Chaurasia

  5. you will bounce back with greater vigour and splendour

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