Jason Kenney’s speech to Islamic Society of North America removed from government (and personal) websites

But the Internet never forgets


Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has received sharp criticism for speaking last week to the Islamic Society of North America, an organization the secular Muslim Canadian Congress describes as “Canada’s leading Islamist group.”

As it happens, former citizenship and immigration minister (and current employment and social development minister) Jason Kenney also spoke to the group in November 2008.

Oddly, his speaking notes for the breakfast meeting seem to have been erased from Kenney’s website, and from the online archives of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

I’m sure this is due to a simple computer glitch rather than any attempt to re-write the historical record, and that the text of Kenney’s rather lengthy speech will soon be restored to both websites.

After all, Kenney himself told the ISNA how much he appreciated the opportunity to begin a “closer dialogue between the government of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, and the Muslim community in general, ISNA in particular.”

In the meantime, readers can access cached versions of Kenney’s speech here and here.


Jason Kenney’s speech to Islamic Society of North America removed from government (and personal) websites

  1. Winston Smith, web developer??

  2. Hypocrisy=CPC

  3. Harper’s Ministry of Truth hard at work re-writing the facts. If it’s not recorded, it didn’t happen. Unbelievable. Heave Steve 2015!

  4. This comment was deleted.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Many religions certainly do not have a good track record. More so within their fringe elements.

      • Exterminate the Buddhists!
        They are too peaceful!
        (Until they start lighting themselves on fire…)

          • Context: Myanmar is 89% Buddhist and has only recently come out of a military dictatorship (partially anyway).

            Same situation happened during the breakup of Yugoslavia and the ethnic cleansing that followed. Loose control over a formerly suppressed population and you get a potentially explosive situation.

            The Buddhist sect in question (969 Movement) is a very small and obscure group. It has a charismatic leader who is rather paranoid about Muslims and the Burmese government.

          • Yeah I know….but it’s only one example of Buddhists being less than peaceful. The same thing happens in India on a fairly regular basis, and Buddhists are also getting jumped on for high living.

          • The record of Sri Lankan Buddhist governments also leaves something to be desired on the human rights front. And the Bhutanese government has created thousands and thousands of refugees through discriminatory laws and practices against Nepalese Hindus and other non-Buddhist minorities.

            The point isn’t that Buddhists or Buddhism are somehow evil, it is that it is easy to find examples in any religion of intolerance (and worse). No single group has a monopoly on being peaceful and, despite what Islamophobes claim, no single group has the corner on intolerance or violence.

          • Yes, every religion has it’s whacko fundies and they cause all the trouble.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I can’t think of any major religion that didn’t torture, murder, or rape. Catholics were and still are the worst of the bunch.

      • The government really needs to remove charitable status from any organization that has a religious affiliation. They can split off a separate group to do charity work if they want, but the churches (etc) need to pay taxes on their income (donations, bake sales, etc) and their property. They can get a tax write-off for the money they give to charity if they want (like any other person or corporation) but that’s it.

        It will probably be many years before the government has the balls to do this. To be fair though, it would probably be political suicide to even suggest this.

        • And get rid of separate schools as well.

          • Well, certainly any school that teaches or supports religion should not get any public funding. However, I don’t think we can outright ban religious schools. Kids can always be home schooled after all.

          • ‘Separate schools’ refers to the publically funded catholic school system in Ontario.

          • This goes beyond schools though. The government should get out of the religion business altogether. No money or subsidies should go towards religion in any form.

          • Absolutely. Strict separation of church and state. Harper is going the wrong way on this and most people don’t like it.

          • Don’t forget the Ambassador for Religion now funded and supported under Harper’s zealots.

          • Yeah, he’s taking everything backwards. Has a thing for the Middle Ages.

          • It’s no wonder why the world is so messed up. Hopefully people wake up soon to see what’s right in front of their faces. We create our own destiny. We manifest it in the literal sense of the word. It’s called reality….and I sincerely hope one day everyone can live in it peacefully.

          • Agreed. Enough BS. The Catholic religion is made of lies. All religions are and always have been. They seek to brainwash our children and plant ideas in their heads that are inherently false. Even when facts are presented that wholly disprove archaic texts, they persist in their ignorance. If there is a grand creator why would he even care what we believe. Our planet can not even compare to a spec of dust in a sandstorm on mars when comparing it to the size of even our own Milky Way galaxy, never mind when comparing it to the entirety of existence. In other words….wake the $#%@ up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • All religions are fairy tales…..but personally I don’t care if people believe in pink unicorns….whatever gets you through the night….as long as they don’t try to make everyone else believe it.

            And history is full of religions forcing themselves on everyone through the govt, the justice system, the military, schools….etc

          • That’s the thing. They ALL try to make everybody believe.

          • Oddly when you describe religions one could also hear you describing our government. They are one and the same in their manipulation techniques.

          • Before we have Muslim, Jewish, Born Again Cristian etc funded schools in Ontario (and elsewhere?).

          • Well Jews, Muslims etc have always had their own schools, but the parents pay for it. The only one that ended up publically funded is the RC school. John Tory, when he was leader of the PCs in Ontario wanted to extend public funding to everyone…,and promptly lost the election. McGuinty didn’t even have to phone it in.

            I’m not sure what’s going on right now with Mennonites, Amish and so on…it’s kinda murky….but then home schooling is a mess as well.

          • The basis for a separately funded Catholic school system roots back to the colonization between the British and French in Canada. The Catholic school system is also a figurehead for the preservation of the French’s major contribution culturally to Canada as a whole.

            Our “public” schools are only very recently not the Protestant division they initially represented from the British half of colonization.

            I’m all for not funding other alternate schools, but the reason for the Catholic system in Canada is NOT only because of religion… but also its historical backdrop and significance.

          • Yes, we all know how we got it….what we need is to end it.

          • Get rid of your hate, EmilyOne!

          • I’m not the topic here, religion and the state is.

          • hell, no, the education standards are higher in the catholic schools

        • Just a reminder, did you forget the first line of the Canadian Constitution:

          “Whereas Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:”

          Maybe the big guy would not think highly of your innovation.

          • Good point. Changing that line of the constitution would be a good step.

            I don’t think “God” would care about us removing his name from a document, unless he is petty and prideful (which is a sin I think?)..

        • This uninformed religion-bashing is really getting tired. War/conflict are rooted in one or more of: security, economy, identity. Religion is just a subset of identity, but can overlap with the others. To say a majority, or even most, conflicts today or in the past are based on religion, or even to say most or all atrocities people commit are based on religion is so far out there, so far from the truth that that sort of simple-mindedness will never get us any closer to resolving anything.

          • yet religion has killed more people than war

          • read a history book, please!

          • I never said anything about religion and war. I simply stated that we need to separate religion from government. While I also believe that religion has a largely net negative effect on our society, I think that the freedom to practice worship of whatever non-corporeal being is worth the cost of having religious nutjobs.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • please read a history book. you are confusing atheism with communism.

    • It amazes me that someone like you would post confirming their ignorance for all to see.

  5. Haha, good for you, Aaron, for providing a little balance in that ‘story,’ such as it was. Does anyone take Sun seriously, I mean, really?

    • I am sorry, it is Mr Petrou writing this, not Aaron Wherry. My apologies for not noting the author until I addressed the wrong one!

      • No one should take you seriously. You don’t even read first.

        • As long as they take you seriously, I will be okay with that.

      • No worries! All columnists here are virtually indistinguishable!

  6. “the opportunity to begin a “closer dialogue between the government of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, and the Muslim community in general, ISNA in particular.”

    This doesn’t seem right. He was representing himself as a minister of the crown, he should not be speaking on behalf of the Conservative party.

    The duplicity and hypocrisy these Conservatives show is unprecedented in Canada. Can’t understand how any Canadian could support them.

    • Agreed. People only support the conservatives out of personal and corporate greed. Harper does not care a spit about our environment and the tar sands and oil pipelines prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. The last thing this country needs is more federal reserve debt. (otherwise known as money)

    • I agree. And, I just hate seeing a web page on the Canadian government website, paid for by taxpayers, using the term “The Harper Government”. Sorry, Harper does not own the government, we do. And, we are not all Harperites.

      He’s there to do job. That is all. He doesn’t “own the company”.

  7. if I am correct , 2008 was before the identification of terrorist links occurred …. check that out.

    • Maybe. Then why remove the notes

    • If terrorist links is a problem then maybe Kenney should have done more “checking” of his own if he feels he now has to cover his ass from future attacks. The most important thing for Kenney is currying votes – I don’t really think he cares who they come from.

  8. I believe in the separation of church and hate.

    • You can (and should) separate church from state, but I think church and state are joined at the hip. And I use the term ‘church’ here in the generic sense meaning any and all religions, not Christian variants in particular. Indeed, I think one could grade the level of hate among religions, with Islam being the clear winner, followed by Hinduiusm, then perhaps Christianity, Judaism and Sikhism in the middle and maybe Buddhists at the tail. All of them exhibit some amount of hate and violence, though and none of them belong in the public square.

      • And I’d like to point out the Atheists… they have just as much hate as any other belief system too ;)

  9. Jason Kenney made a strong speech on behalf of pluralism (I just read it) and made an important outreach to the Muslim community. He spoke as a Minister of the Crown and no doubt stands behind his words. However, this speech was given 5 years ago, there’s been a recent cabinet shuffle and he no longer holds that portfolio. In addition, history has changed some of the matters to which he referred. For example, we are no longer engaged in Afghanistan and Rahim Jaffer is no longer an MP. Should all speeches by all cabinet ministers stay online in perpetuity? If so, why can’t I find Laurier’s on Free Trade?

    • Mmmm no, portfolio-changing isn’t going to hide the remarks Pingston. It is part of Canadian and Con history.

    • I’m guessing – going out on a limb here – that Laurier’s speech on Free Trade pre-dates the internet.

    • And yes, as public documents, the speeches should stay up. The government shouldn’t be allowed to alter the historical record at will. It’s bad enough what they are doing to department libraries and the national archives.

    • You might have a point is every speech before this one was also removed from the site.

    • As a public document, legally all of these need to be available for public access, at least upon request…

    • Hi Pingston:
      Looking for Sir Wilfred Laurier’s speech on free trade? Here you go.
      Your welcome.

  10. NO POLITICIAN should pander to these terrorist supporting organizations. This is not the first time for PET-lite but if he had a brain it would be his last. Unfortunately it will not be his last.

    • The topic here is Kenney’s speech to the group.

      • Not really. It is politicians pandering to groups that support terrorism.

        • Same thing.

    • That is a stupid and ignorant statement. Just because a person or group is Islamic does not make them a terrorist. Slap yourself.

      • They are known terrorist supporters. Open your eyes numb nuts.

        • Who are they that you refer too? Exactly? Yeah…that’s what I thought

        • The vast majority of people want to live in peace…islamists included.

  11. 1984??? or the Stalin Years??

  12. And this on the heels of a manufactured Justin Trudeau speaking engagement scandal that turned out to actually be a con servative scandal. ‘Karma’ has a thing for these disgraced Harpercrits. It’s on the march.

    • Scandal is probably too harsh a word to use in conjunction with Trudeau’s speaking engagements, but there’s nothing manufactured about his actions. E.g., taking money from public schools for speeches, missing HoC debate to take money for speaking, taking money from federally regulated industries for speaking. The very best one can say about this is that Trudeau demonstrated poor judgment.

      Want to go after the PMO for its part in this? Fine by me. But let’s not pretend Trudeau’s actions were as pure as new fallen snow.

      For a good write-up, see Andrew Coyne’s article at http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/06/19/andrew-coyne-was-it-wrong-for-an-justin-trudeau-to-take-money-for-speaking-not-exactly/

      The LPC had at least a couple of leadership candidates with intellectual heft. Instead they went with the telegenic guy with the political lineage. Well, should be interesting to see how it all eventually plays out.

      • At least he didn’t try to use his taxpayer suopported personal secretariat to buy a favourable outcome for a Senate inquiry into fraud using his party’s money which is about 75% taxpayer supported.

        • You may be mistaking me for someone who likes to defend the CPC regardless of how indefensible the matter is. :-)

          • Sorry if I was too harsh. My problem is that I do not consider Trudeau’s ‘transgressions’ as seen by Harper apologists as anywhere near as significant as the executive branch playing off an inquiry in the government. As somebody here said, the whole US executive (president) would fall if it was found buying off a Senate/House inquiry into personal fraud. But our Parliament is so weak with a majority (of toadies) that the executive is almost immune in Canada.

          • It sounds to me that Jim is more middle-ground than diehard Conservative… Correct me if I’m wrong, Jim, but am I fair in saying that you are in agreement that neither side has a completely “clean” slate as a result of the political games they must be involved in?

          • That does more-or-less sum up my position. However, canadian_democrat has a point in that some sins are indeed worse than others.

      • Missing HoC debates, haha. There are no debates in our House of Commons.

  13. Is Jason Kenney a secret Muslim?

    • I think the better adjective would be “closeted.”

      • No, Kinsella outted him awhile ago

  14. And yet we still have no voters revolt to stop the madness … people are just plain gullible and would rather whine only when it is convenient for them … we Canadians are a sorry sad sack bunch of fools

  15. Please forward to Ezra Levant!

  16. Are we really so primitive that we need to go through an Islamophobia phase? Corporate Media and greedy governments who want to exploit Middle Eastern resources are surely to blame for planting the seeds but for the Love of GOD…. For those old enough, remember the big bad Russians, how they were crazy commies who’s single purpose in life was to destroy capitalism? Then it turned out they were just like us but with a different regime to deal with: seem familiar at all?

    You fear Islamic terrorists? Why don’t you fear those that created them and unleashed them on common people and their children. It’s fearing the symptom while embracing and spreading the disease.

    This racism story has gotten old, science proves that our differences are pigmentation not genetic selection or sublime favoritism. Fanaticism is the enemy of society in any religion/regime be they CIA created Al Qaeda beheading Christian priests in Syria, IDF Israelis killing Palestinian kids or our war mongering evangelists who think that involking a 3rd world war will spark the second coming of a God that would surely cast them into the bowels of hell anyway.

    • Thank you for this. I agree 100%. We always seem to need a ‘villain’ or an ‘enemy’ to hate….we even make them into comic book versions….. and it’s absurd.

      People are people everywhere…..what we need to get rid of is the whackos who exaggerate and exploit minor stuff for their own gain.

    • I agree with your general argument, but one quibble: the Soviet Union was, in fact, out to destroy capitalism.

      Anyhow, this removal of Kenney’s speech from both his personal and Ministerial websites is reminiscent of something the old Politburo would have done…

  17. Classic conservative lies lies lies

  18. In 2008, Jason Kenney became Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Cabinet shuffle of October 30, retaining responsibility for multiculturalism which he had been given in 2007.

    Here is an example of one of his first speechs: Speaking points for the Hon. Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P. Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism on the occasion of a breakfast meeting hosted by the Islamic Society of North America Mississauga, Ontario, November 29, 2008 * * * * *

    “Thank you very much to the Islamic Society of North America Center here in Mississauga, to Mr. Ashraf, to each and every one of you for your warm welcome for myself, my colleagues, Terence Young, Member of Parliament from Oakville, Bob Dechert, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Erindale. We really do appreciate this opportunity to get to know each other better and to begin a closer dialogue between the Government of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, and the Muslim community in general, ISNA in particular. I’d also like you to acknowledge the presence of my former caucus colleagueand my very dear friend, Wajid Khan. Wajid, thank you for being here.This is an organization that I’ve known for some time. I first attendedan ISNA conference, I think, in the year 2000, and around that time got to knowabout the good work of your organization, in particular your school here, throughmy good friend Khalid. It’s good to see you again. And Khalid impressedme as the kind of person who is really the model for our Canadian approach topluralism and immigration.”
    an excerpt from Mr Kenny’s (the word honorable not appropriate) speech taken from Wikipedia, perhaps they will repost on the immigration website. Maybe PMO doesn’t have control over wikipedia

  19. Good one, Michael! I like the bit about Rahim Jaffer.

  20. Shocking. Both libs and cons pandering to fringe voters, trying to eke out an extra seat or two.

    I’d be happier if political parties and active ministers were both barred from giving talks to groups whose primary purpose is to promote the interests of any group identified primarily by their religion. Separation between church and state, after all.

  21. This comment was deleted.

  22. Justin Trudeau should admit that he made a mistake, and Jason Kenney can either do the same, or explain how the nature of the ISNA became more generally known between now and then. This sort of thing will definitely obscure the real issue, and boomerang on the Conservatives; they should have known better.

  23. The Canadian media (Justin Trudeau defense force) quickly takes action to defend their darling.

    • Are you seriously so dense that you cannot see the hypocrisy of pot calling kettle black? This line of attack is prett disgusting anyway, as there is nothing much wrong you can say about the ISNA, The heart of the attack on Trudeau is that he speaks with muslims, and this article simply points out that this non issue is also rife with hypocrisy

    • Why is stating actual undisputable fact considered a media conspiracy? Kenney made the speech, yes?

    • I see you haven’t met Petrou.

      • Steven Harper recently set forth an initiative to revise Canadian history ; did he not ?

    • This comment was deleted.

      • I think that’s FIVE years, Sharon.

  24. Feb 2013:

    Kenney visited Islamic centre tied to org that disseminated anti-Semitic literature


  25. This of course has nothing to do with the Sun Newspaper rants about Justin Trudeau recent speech to ISNA. Would it?

  26. ISNA is benign. Any of you are welcome to come into an ISNA building any time you want. Tarek Fatah and the MCC are war-mongers and hateful, spiteful people. ISNA has nothing to hide.

  27. What does it matter if Kenney spoke with the ISNA. Two wrongs don’t make a right and many things have changed since 08. For one, The Muslim Canadian Congress is speaking out against such interaction now. Isn’t their advice the most valid?
    This is from their website: “The president of the MCC has urged Canadian leaders to exercise due diligence before they lend credibility to Islamist groups who are known to have links with Saudi institutions, and who adhere to the doctrines of the Muslim Brotherhood”.
    “Chasing vote banks while being blind to who they validate is a very risky path to take for Canadian politicians,” said Mumtaz Khan.
    “We are asking Mr. Trudeau to stop taking the advise of his Saudi-born aide and stop pandering to Islamist groups who refuse to renounce the doctrine of armed jihad and who are on record of having received funding from Saudi sources,” added the MCC president”.

  28. Interesting that this Nov. 29 2008 statement is gone from his website, but we can still find his speaking notes from his Nov. 13 2008 statement to the Canadian Club.

  29. We let them in the country and then we will not speak to them. Democracy or hypocrisy?

  30. This comment was deleted.

    • Garbage. 9/11 was long before 2008.

      • And you do not think that radical Isamists are even worse since 2008. I hope you are following world events. I don’t know what Kenney said to them almost 7 years ago. I could care less if Trudeau speaks to them but it is evidence that he is no better than every other politician who panders. He said he was going to be different. Right!

    • Radical Harperism is alive and well in Canada hollinm and you are part of it. What exactly would you NOT do to protect and defend such radicalism here in Canada?

  31. LOL – Good catch Mr. Petrou. Bookmarked it.

  32. Kudos for eliminating any support for ISNA, now and in the past, now that we better understand ISNA and what it stands for. Why give anyone leverage over our excellent former Immigration Minister. Trudeau needs to learn that support for terrorists and their affiliates are not what this country is about, despite how many votes they can bring this neophyte.