John Edwards admits affair -

John Edwards admits affair


Though he claims the baby is not his.

That loud noise you hear are Democrats sighing in relief that he was not the nominee.

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John Edwards admits affair

  1. That sounds a lot like Clinton’s claim that he smoked marijuana but didn’t inhale.

  2. No doubt this will unleash a new round of digging on this story. No doubt there will also be accusations of liberal bias and questions about why the MSM largely left the story to the National Enquirer.

  3. So, it’s not going to be an Obama-Edwards ticket?

  4. Luiza Do you remember if McCain was repub nominee when NY Times printed its innuendo filled story earlier this year about affair/ties to lobbyist story?

    It is curious that media is all too happy to print stories based on hearsay on certain politicians but not others. These affair rumours have been around for at least a year I think and few have bothered to check it out. The msm should be questioning themselves on why they are getting scooped by the national enquirer on political stories.

  5. Google tells me that the Times story on McCain and the lobbyist ran on Feb. 21. McCain got the votes needed to clinch the nomination on March 5. I thought the Times story presented rather thin evidence. The Times ombudsman thought so too.

  6. I won’t believe it until I hear it directly from his hairdresser (similar to how the Couillard story was broken here in Canada)

  7. Thanks Luiza.

  8. One thing you can say about Canadian politics is that we would not be broadcasting boldly this very sad (at every level) revelation for the world to see. Of course this will be far more important than the serious issues the American people must consider in the next few months. The man made a huge mistake but this is a family issue now. Move on for the sake of all concerned.

  9. There is one thing that politicians can always be relied on to be … dishonest.

  10. Even if you put aside Edwards’ convenient memory lapses (can’t remember being photographed with a baby, doesn’t remember any details of the financing arrangements with Ms. Hunter) there is still the matter of where the money came from to keep his mistress stowed away in various multi-million dollar mansions for the last two years. If it turns out campaign funds were used for that purpose, John Edwards now has a serious legal problem on his hands, not just a moral and ethical one.

    The amazing part about all of this is that Edwards apparently still believes he has a viable political career ahead of him. That may well have been the case had he been able to keep his pants on. Obama may have appointed him to a high level cabinet position, and he could have kept building his profile from there. This tawdry episode, though, puts him in league with Governor Spitzer, Senator Craig, and Gary Condit. None of those guys are ever going to bounce back politically from their scandals, and nor will Edwards, especially once the media is through chasing down the money trail element to this story.