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Julie Couillard: Blind date


So it turns out that Julie Couillard met Max Bernier under the same circumstances that got that guy fired from Michael Fortier’s office two days ago: the fine folks at Kevlar Real Estate, who continue to deny that Julie Couillard was their employee, set her up with Bernier so she could push their project to build a new federal office building in Quebec City. (WARNING to readers allergic to French: the link takes you to an article in the cursed language of Molière. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE!!!!) (Sorry, but a couple of readers requested that). (But I digress.)

So Philippe Morin from Kevlar, according to La Presse, set Couillard up with Bernier, her previous relationship with Bernard Côté — the guy in charge of the office-building file at Fortier’s office — having lost its spark.

It is surprising what a bunch of gossipy busybodies can find out.


Julie Couillard: Blind date

  1. There seems to appear to a lot more going on here that a left docment and eye-catching dress. She certainly is not a women who blends into the background going unnoticed.

    On the bright side, finally we have a scandal that makes us look interesting.

    On another note, thank yor for the linguistic allergy warning. I know that I’ve had to be treated for an strained unwanted due to links directing me onto undesirable and uncomprehesible sites.

    However, as a Canadian, I am proud to be able to say I can read les deux langues officiales de notre pays.

    But for those who can’t, I feel your pain.

  2. Sacrebleu! le francais! je ne comprende pas! le zut alors!

  3. Ahhh, so that’s what they mean when politicians put their affairs into a blind trust.

  4. Ha, the language of Molière? You call those alexandrines?

    Let’s see what we can do:

    Le sage entrepreneur ne laisse rien au hazard
    Car même les sots profitent de la belle Couillard
    Motards, conservateurs, tous s’engagent dans la lutte
    Et seuls les lois anciennes s’embarassent de cette…

  5. Got me beat. Best I could come up with was bad Rostand:

    Il aurait dû rester tranquille chez lui
    Mais en regardant sa jolie bouche
    il fût piégé par cette infâme fille.
    À la fin de l’envoi, elle touche.

  6. ROFL – no no, “elle touche” is better! Hilarious!

  7. Jack and Paul, please grow up. You are embarrassing yourselves.

  8. Paul, you know that was out of line. Take it like a man.

  9. Right you are. The floor is yours. Please instruct us on blog etiquette.

  10. Ok. Here’s one:

    Don’t dish it out if you can’t it.

  11. While we wait, some bad Verlaine?

    Les saisons fines
    de la poitrine
    de Couillard
    apaisent et blessent
    comme la tendresse
    des Motards.

    Je me rapelle
    des hommes qu’elle
    Ait baisés;
    Pour ça je pleure
    Ses défenseurs

  12. Well, since what I appear to be “taking” is a truly astonishing level of humourlessness, I’d have to be reminded where I ever dished that out.

  13. That article’s not in verse either. Jeez.

  14. But when will the Prime Minister apologize on behalf of all Canadians for Julie Couillard and what will the compensation package look like for the heart-broken?

  15. Jack, you’re bringing the tone down. Take it to Feschuk’s blog, please. Hey, pull my finger.

  16. This lady gives femme fatale a whole new meaning … god I can not wait until she shows up at the committee meeting. This has got to be one of the best stories we have had in a long time. This story has everything and I doubt even La Carre could make this up let alone have it be reality and dollars will get you timbits it’s just beginning. (Wayne runs out to get some more popcorn)

  17. Man, I can’t believe I fell for the finger thing *again*.

    OK, last one as work calls… And just to dish it the other way too – more Verlainery –

    L’hiver dernier
    Ce beau Bernier
    si lucide
    Eut honte de sa
    offre d’emploi
    trop cupide.

    Travaux Publics
    Accueillent les flics
    Et les cuistres
    Hélas trop molles
    Furent les paroles
    du ministre.

    Hmm, I’m getting worse. Time to retire.

    Just – well, just fer the record, zealous Briton, I don’t think it’s sexist to mock a woman who was clearly sexually targeting ministers on behalf of a building company so as to finagle government preferment. I’m not sure that makes her a beacon of hope to women everywhere. I hope not, anyway.

  18. Today’s Globe & Mailhttp://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080612.wcouillard12/CommentStory/National/

    has an article saying that Julie Couillard will be charged with influence peddling. Who would have thought that sleeping with the guy in charge of building acquisitions when you “work” for a real estate company would be considered influence peddling?
    Isn’t this considered legitimate lobbying?
    Let’s ask Steve. Oh yeah, he thinks we are being busybodies.
    There’s no reason to be suspicious of a lady with ties to the Mafia , the Hell’s Angels and real estate having unrestricted access to NATO documents and other sensitve materials from Foreign Affairs. If Steve says it’s okay then it must be okay. As he mcro manages everything done in Ottawa the responsibility ulimately falls on his shoulders.
    Did anyone notice that the Cadman tapes being doctored came out as a story at the peak of the Bernier affair?
    Sounds like a classic case of switch and bait.
    The Tories are inept,corrupt and when they are caught they come out yelling like a bunch of schoolyard bullies. The sooner we can get rid of them the better.

  19. “Just – well, just fer the record, zealous Briton, I don’t think it’s sexist to mock a woman who was clearly sexually targeting ministers on behalf of a building company so as to finagle government preferment. I’m not sure that makes her a beacon of hope to women everywhere. I hope not, anyway.”

    Jack, for starters, trust me when I say that of the two of us, you are the one that has much more in common with the “britons.” As for mocking Couillard, I would agree with you on that one. She’s asked for it and she is fair game.

    I’m simply pointing out that writing a poem about the woman’s breast and calling her a whore (english for “pute”) says a whole lot more about you than it does her.

    But hey, apparently, I’m the one that lacks a sense of humour here so don’t mind me…

  20. You’re named Boudica (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boudica), n’est-ce pas? Vindicator of the Britons in 60AD? Or is it some kind of anagram?

    Basically you’re saying that one can never write scurrilous verse? I wouldn’t have mentioned her breasts if they hadn’t been a big part of the story (via the photo). I think “pute” is not an inappropriate term for her: she herself claimed that Bernier “hired” her to sex himself up. Unless you think such people don’t exist, or shouldn’t be called such even if they do. For the life of me I don’t see why it would be an insult to non-whores to call whores whores. It’s not like I was attacking Flora MacDonald.

    So yeah, I think a sense of humour might be in order. They can do incredible things with transplant surgery these days.

  21. Ok this is getting tedious. Jack, if you feel entitled to refer to her as a “pute” to make your point, do it to your heart’s content. You’ll just have to deal with the few of us who will look at you and wish you could show more class.

    Then again, you do have some female writers (Margaret Wente and Christie Blatchford) who have said about the same so you are in good company.

  22. About Boudica, I’ll say it again. You, Jack Mitchell, look more like a Briton than I do. As for my choice of screename, it should give you an idea as to why I didn’t find humour in your poetry this morning.

  23. Heheh, I’ll tough it out, thanks. That kind of “class” is too close to Victorian squeamishness for my taste.

  24. If you ask me Boudica, the real sexist behaviour in this story is infantalizing Julie Couillard. It is patronizing the way most media portrays her as helpless in her choice of friends and business partners. Mark my words, Julie is no ingenue and were she a man the media would be asking her to take responsibility for her associations.

  25. I look more like a Briton? Well, it’s true I have waist-length braided red hair and I carry a big-ass celtic broadsword, but let’s not engage in racial sterotyping, shall we?

  26. I fully agree, Kenneth. I just wonder why it is ok to refer to her as the whore. Is Max Bernier a whore?

    Jack Mitchell, this from the one who wrote a sexist stereotypical poem? Fair enough, Jack. BTW, I’m half black, half chinese. Which one looks more like a Briton?

  27. “Heheh, I’ll tough it out, thanks. That kind of ‘class’ is too close to Victorian squeamishness for my taste.”

    Uh huh… Well some of us like to think that it’s just simple good taste. But, again, I’m just a humourless Briton so carry on, my friend.

  28. Oh, Boudica, I suppose I look more like a Briton than you do, but then I didn’t NAME myself after an archetypal Briton. Even so, I don’t look much like a Briton which, you know, is not a racial category but a particular culture that flourished in the Insula Britannia prior to the Roman invasion of not quite 2000 years ago. You might do a bit of research on your screen name before you get all defensive about it. Better yet you might use your real name: then people can use your ethnicity against you. Believe me, it’s fun!

  29. Jack, I understand your need to focus on the technicalities of my screename and to cry racism. Really, I do. Your “pute” comment still stinks, though.

  30. This is brilliant and getting better! Makes me proud to be a true blue Conservative as we know how to party – and when it comes to dealing with influence peddlers …. well … I don’t think that was all she was peddling. Man I tell you have you checked out the history of every one of her lovers – oooh man this is a classic black widow and this story really appeals to almost every prurient and salacious aspect that you can think of. I hope she does not chicken out from the committee. Then again let’s face it folks this gal made a terrible mistake in life as she went to the media to clear her name – ooops! Since when has that ever worked – remember the Ferengi Law of Acquisition # 101 = no good deed goes unpunished!

  31. It wasn’t a comment, it was an ellipsis in some rather nicely constructed alexandrine verse! Give me some credit, not least for context.

  32. Jack, you are giving me a headache…

  33. God forbid!

  34. Oh I get it. You must have the last word, huh?

  35. I think you mean last laugh?

  36. I return from lunch, delighted to report that:
    (a) Flame wars drive blog traffic through the roof
    (b) “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it” is ALWAYS advice offered by people who can’t take it.

  37. Still on that one, Paul? Isn’t a thick skin a job requirement for bloggers? I’m just wondering…

    Tell you what. I was wrong and you are righteous. Now the two of you can return to your poetry. Vive les putes!

  38. Mr. Wells, are you sure it’s the flame war and not the French verse? You could be onto something huge here.

  39. Last word.

  40. Sigh, it would have been better to have the complaint comments in french. :)

  41. Philippe Morin : rumour has it that he just might be a csis counter intelligence mole and Julie is actually a russian recruited counter counter spy however Bernier found out about this dastardly plan reported this to the boss and this whole elaborate plan has been setup to feed erroneous information to the bad guys – and they fell for it! Take That KGB

  42. Boudica, Paul and Jack — take it outside. Please. Or, get a room. Invite Julie, if you like.